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16 Signs You Grew Up in Palos Heights

16 Signs You Grew Up in Palos Heights

Growing up In Palos Heights definitely comes with pros and cons. If you live in Palos Heights, here are the signs you grew up in Palos Heights, Illiniois.

Where to start, where to start. If you grew up in Palos Heights, Illinois you’ll recognize these 16 signs!

1) Sidewalks – or lack thereof.

When there is no place to walk other than across someone’s lawn or on the side of 127th, that’s when you know you’re in Palos. Though more sidewalks have begun to sprung up, probably thanks to annual Mayor for a Day essay which 90% of kids petitioned for the addition of sidewalks, IT’S TOO LATE, MY MOM ALREADY BANNED ME FROM CROSSING 127TH WITHOUT A PARENT.

2) Streetlights.

Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by the complaints of friends that “driving in Palos is scary” or “I can’t see where I’m going!” True Palos-Heighters know exactly where to go and how to get there driving with only the moonlight. Because of the lack of streetlights the people of Palos Heights have adapted and become confident in their night vision.


3) PBO.

One of the first acronyms learned by Palos boys and girls alike, PBO or Palos Baseball Organization is the Palos Heights’.

4) Palos Pool.

If you really grew up in Palos Heights you’ll remember taking that questionably safe, cement waterslide down into a lukewarm pool of at least 30% urine.


5) Dominic’s.

A moment of silence for those taken too soon. R.I.P. to your aesthetically pleasing colors, to the intricately built display made strictly out of pop, you’ll hold a special place in our hearts. Dominic’s was the king of grocery stores. Shoppers decided if they were hot or not depending on their shopping preference. Where does YOUR loyalty lay, Dominic’s or Jewel Osco? The rift between the two very well could’ve torn a family apart.

6) Ben Franklin.

Something else taken too soon.

7) Tastee Freeze Mural.

8) Bike Gangs.

Stampedes of children migrating from food place to food place is enough to stop traffic as you watch the minds of our future decide it’s socially acceptable to ride 15 across on a neighborhood street. However being part of this gaggle of children, you felt like you owned the streets. Palos Heights was your playground, and everybody else was just living in it.


9) Car Show.

“Downtown” Palos Heights- Ignore the fact that the name IS misleading, Downtown Palos Heights is exactly what you’d expect. With a new store/boutique/or restaurant popping up seemingly as soon as the previous business just started to settle in, you can get your communion dress and prom dress all in a couple of blocks of stores.

10) The Shire.

A meetup place special to the angsty youth of Palos Heights, the Shire offers a nice view of the Cal-a-Sag while also providing enough space for, rumor has it, a Hunger Games to be held.  What happens at the Shire stays at the Shire.

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11) Cal-a-Sag.

Running through not just Palos Heights but a handful of other neighboring cities, the Cal-a-Sag.

12) Not Chicago.

13) Railroad Aesthetic.

14) Westgate.

Ah, the Beverly Hills of Palos Heights. If you had a friend growing up that lived inside this gated community, you’ll have memories of dragging your jaw off the floor as they walked you through their four car garage, past the Dog’s room, and into their post-HGTV kitchen. With bellies bursting with name brand snacks and exhausted muscles from playing with the newest toys, these were the houses you could depend on having an outside movie night complete with tents, a projector, and unlimited snacks. Side note – king sized candy bars on Halloween.


15) New Rec Center.

I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but in a blink of an eye, the old rec center had been replaced.

16) Plush Horse.

Yes, its technically in Palos Park, but same difference. Arguably the Rainbow Cone of the south suburbs, Plush Horse provides a place where kids of all neighborhoods can call a truce over radioactive blue ice cream. However it’s  guaranteed that you’ll see someone you know either an old friend or that one person you don’t like here. It’s inevitable, just call it that Plush Horse magic. And if you haven’t stuck your finger/gumball up the horse’s nostril are you even from Palos??

Can you think of any more signs you grew up in Palos Heights?! Let us know down below!
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