20 Signs You Grew Up In NOVA

Growing up in Northern Virginia is an experience; and you won't be able to understand it unless you grew up there too. These are signs you grew up in NOVA!

Growing up in Northern Virginia is an experience in itself; and you really won’t be able to understand it unless you grew up there too. Whether we’re sitting in traffic, taking a party bus to prom, or wearing Vineyard Vines, we know a NOVA native when we see one. These are 20 relatable signs that show you grew up in NOVA!

1. Your weekends consist of going to Georgetown, exploring D.C., and/or hiking in Great Falls.

2. Your friends all compare cars: mainly BMWs, Range Rovers and JEEPs.

3. You have more than 700 Instagram followers; to be honest, some of whom you have only met once.

4. Jiffy Lube Live is basically your summer destination.

5. You hit up Twitter anytime you want something or need to complain about something.  #closefcps

6. Traffic, especially D.C. traffic, makes up most of your day and sometimes (always) ends with killer road rage.

7. Politics are all that are talked about around election time, or just any time of the week, actually.

8. Your teachers take you to the Capitol, museums, and monuments on school field trips.

9. Vineyard Vines, Kate Spade, Lily Pulitzer, etc. can be found in almost every girl’s (and even guy’s) closet.

10. When someone says they are from a southern city in Virginia, we pretend to know where it is.

11. Weather always seems to be PMSing.

12. Having days off due to low temperatures or an inch of snow (not complaining).

13. Stop signs mean proceed with caution; while yellow lights either mean I’m gonna stop way before or I’m barreling through this.

14. Yielding on a green means that you get far enough in the intersection so that you can speed through when it turns red.

15. Prom means party buses and limos, no matter the cost.

16. Competition and pressure is high no matter what you do.

17. Mornings always include a Starbucks run, and Chipotle or CAVA in the afternoon.

18. You either get more confused the more you look at the metro lines, or understand it right away.  There is no in between.

19. You complain about being broke, but still continue to go to the mall every weekend.

20. You apply everywhere, but end up at JMU, VT (Go Hokies!), or UVA.

These are 20 relatable signs you grew up in NOVA! Anything to add? Share in the comments below!
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