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15 Signs You Grew Up In Meredith New Hampshire

15 Signs You Grew Up In Meredith New Hampshire

Do you call Meredith New Hampshire home? Are you a local who frequents its lakes in the Summer, apple orchards in the Fall and mountains in the Winter?

Do you call Meredith New Hampshire your hometown? From its humble roots as an old mill mecca to its present identity as a summer tourist destination, this community boasts many local favorites. If you grew up taking prom pictures in Hesky Park on Meredith Bay and have admittedly found yourself ending up at Guisseppe’s (otherwise known as the “G-Spot” or “Grotto”) on a Saturday night, you’ll feel nostalgic reading this. Lake Winni has our hearts and us locals love it year round. As a native to this Lakes Region gem myself, I’ve rounded up the 15 true signs that you are from Meredith New Hampshire.

1) You’ve Gotten A Little Too Extra At Braun Bay

Yes, you can admit it, you go to Braun Bay in the summer (maybe every weekend). Even though it is technically in our neighboring town, Moultonborough, Braun Bay is the Hampton Beach of the Lakes Region. You have probably had too much fun wading through that sandbar, hopping from pontoon to pontoon and gotten a little too rowdy. The tourists have unfortunately caught on and any July weekend it may as well be South Beach.

2) You’ve Used Church Landing Hotel’s Hot Tub

Raise your hand if you’ve done it! During the winter months especially, a nice dip in Church Landing hotel’s hot tub is a must. Maybe even the heated pool… In Meredith New Hampshire, if your Lake Winnipesaukee real estate doesn’t have these amenities, this is always your go-to.


3) You’ve Ended A Boat Day At The Town Docks

Watermelon bowl anyone? Or how about just a local 603 brewery beer? If you’re a townie who likes to party, you’ve most likely made a stop at the sandy beach bar at Town Docks restaurant.

4) Your Summer Job Was At A Common Man Restaurant

Whether it was at the Lakehouse, Lago, Camp or Town Docks, you probably had a summer job there throughout your high school or college years. And if not, your other local friends definitely did.


5) You’ve Had A Birthday At Funspot

Yes, I’m talking about the self-proclaimed “largest arcade in the world”. Even though it is just over the border in adjacent town, Laconia, you know at least one person (or yourself) whose thrown a birthday bash at Funspot! Maybe you even had your after-prom party there. Ski-ball or hippo bumper cars anyone?

6) Winni Wine Fest Is How You Kick Off Your Summer

The annual Winnipesaukee Wine Festival or “Winni Wine Fest” at Church Landing hotel’s ballroom is always your go-to for kicking the summer off right! But what’s up with it forever being on a week day? Oh well, have you bought your ticket yet? Meredith New Hampshire knows how to party.


7) You Have Prom Pictures On Hesky Park Bridge

Nestled at the mouth of where the Mill Falls Marketplace waterfall connects to the lake, Hesky Park footbridge is a classic landmark in any Inter-Lakes High School prom pictures. You definitely still have those shots of you and your date posing walking across like the rest of your class.

8) You Frequent The New England Pond Hockey Classic

It may be the on-ice beer tent and live band that draws you in or maybe it’s the herds of talented hockey teams and ex-Bruins players taking the ice. Either way, the New England Pond Hockey Classic is another local favorite to go downtown and onto Meredith Bay for one of our biggest winter events.


9) You Fish The Annual Ice Fishing Derby

The Great Meredith Rotary Ice Fishing Derby in Meredith New Hampshire is a mid-winter hit. As that February weekend approaches, we are all accustomed to seeing more and more bob houses pop up on all the surrounding lakes. Whether it is a family tradition to fish it or just check out “the board” with all of the winning catches, it is a small-town favorite. You have to enjoy the snowy season before Lake Winnipesaukee ice out is called!

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10) You Had A Field Trip Aboard The M/S Mount Washington Ship

From Center Harbor to Meredith Bay to Weirs Beach to Alton Bay and back, you definitely went aboard “The Mount” for at least one school function. For me, it was the spot for our after prom party! This Lake Winnipesaukee cruise is picturesque.

11) You Took Swimming Lessons At Waukewan Beach

If you didn’t go to Sandwich Aquatic School, known as “Switzer’s” by residents, then you most likely learned to swim at Lake Waukewan beach. For any lake life local, swimming and water sport training was a must! Lake Winnipesaukee in Meredith New Hampshire wasn’t the only lake you frequented. This is where you said bye to floaties!

12) You Drove The Hermit Woods Haunted Triangle

If you lived your teenage years in Meredith, you and your friends definitely all packed into one car and headed out Chemung Road to ride the triangle of Hermit Woods three times. You each knew the story of the “haunted” triangle and would still be scared if you rode it at night today.


13) You Went To Summer Camp At Camp Harmony

Over on Lake Kanasatka, that’s where memories were made. You lived your own version of The Parent Trap camper life. From surf biking around the lake, trying out for “pool 3” and bringing your crush to the dance, it was a local kid’s dream way to end his/her summer. That opening day of sign-ups gave American Idol audition nerves a run for its money. Remember yelling to your mom, “Today is sign ups! I want this person for my counselor and these kids to be in my cabin”!? Make it happen, mom…

14) You Drive A Snowmobile

Getting your chance behind the wheel of a car wasn’t the only thing you did. Hopping on a snowmobile to skid across the lake, through the trails or up North was a second means of transportation.

15) You Know Spindle-Point Is Not A Lighthouse

Each summer, tourists boat by the famed Spindle Point on Lake Winnipesaukee and think it is a cutesy lighthouse. The locals know otherwise. We all know the story that once upon a time, it was built as an artist studio for a girl in the owner’s family. Anybody wish the owner was your uncle?


Did you grow up in Meredith New Hampshire? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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