12 Signs You Grew Up In Memphis TN

From getting donuts At Gibson’s to a burger at Huey’s and everything in between, here are 12 definite signs you were born and raised in Memphis TN!

1. You probably have gone on vacation with your family or someone else’s family to
Destin, Florida.

12 Signs You Grew Up In Memphis TN

2. As a kid, you have either walked the whole Mud Island river walk and/or played in the fountains at the Memphis Zoo.

3. You’re picky about the BBQ you eat, especially when it comes from somewhere out of Memphis.

4. You’ve experienced the muddy grounds of Beale Street Music Festival at least once.

12 Signs You Grew Up In Memphis TN, Beale Street Music Festival

5. You or your parents know at least one Fedex pilot or someone that works at International Paper.

6. You’re always a little extra on your guard when walking in sketchier places, even when not in Memphis.

7. You’ve either never been to Graceland or you’ve been that one time years ago that you
barely remember with that out-of-town relative.

12 Signs You Grew Up In Memphis TN, graceland memphis

8. You crave a Huey’s burger every once in a while and wish every restaurant found it
acceptable to shoot toothpicks into their ceiling.

9. You trust no other city’s tap water because, simply, Memphis’s water is the best.

10. Krispy Kreme who? Gibson’s is the place to get the best donuts, and you will always
argue that.

12 Signs You Grew Up In Memphis TN

11. You know someone that has a booth at Memphis Italian Festival or Memphis in May
BBQ festival.

12. No street scares you after enduring the narrow roads of Poplar Avenue.

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