12 Signs You Grew Up In Long Island

You get a lot of flack when you’re from Long Island, but you wouldn’t change having grown up there for a thing. Here’s 12 signs you grew up in Long Island that’ll put a smile on your face.

Meeting someone from out of state.

When you meet someone from another state they ask a million questions until you just reply with “45 minutes from New York City!”

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Boca Raton.

Your family or friends have a house in Florida (typically Boca Raton) for when it “gets too cold here”


Everyone tells you that you have an accent by the way that you tawlk, but they don’t realize that some people could be much worse.

Do you know the Jersey Shore cast?

You’re often asked if you know the Long Island Medium, the one other person they know from likely another county, or a member of the Jersey Shore.

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Speaking of which, many people stereotype the lesser state, New Jersey by the popular show the Jersey Shore, but you let them take the ridicule knowing the cast was mostly from Long Island.

Billy Joel.

No one will understand not only the admiration but respect for Mr. Long Island himself, Billy Joel (and subsequently Natalie Portman).

State Island.

You feel physically violated when someone compares you to Staten Island.

Pizza and Bagels.

You’re offended when someone from another state tries to compare their pizza/bagels to yours, or even claims they’re better.


You feel repulsed when people make douchebag comments like “Strong Island babay!!”


You are quite comfortable being close enough to New York City to deem it your favorite, but understand the torture that is the LIRR.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

Whether you’re Jewish or not, you’ve likely gone to more bar/bat mitzvahs then you’ll probably ever need to.

Not the Hamptons.

Although the beaches and concerts are nice, you know the Manhattanites look down upon us because we pale in comparison to their beloved Hamptons.

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As much as we poke fun, we’re thankful everyday that we don’t live in Albany or Buffalo.

What do you think of these 12 signs you grew up in Long Island? Let us know in the comments below!
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