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20 Signs You Grew Up In Johns Creek Georgia

20 Signs You Grew Up In Johns Creek Georgia

If you live in Johns Creek Georgia you probably find yourself saying "here in good old Johns Creek". Here are 20 relatable signs you grew up here!

If you live in Johns Creek, you probably often find yourself saying a phrase somewhat along the lines of “here in good old Johns Creek” in a semi-teasing voice because you know just how boujee of a city it is. Johns Creek is known for having a wealthy population, being boring, and well, you get the point. So chances are you, or someone you know, have experienced these things. These are 20 signs you grew up in Johns Creek Georgia!

1.  It’s odd for you to see 16-year-old boys NOT in Vinyard Vines, Chubbies, a polo, or Sperry’s.

These JC kids just have too much money to spend nowadays.


2. You do not DARE to drive past 4pm because you don’t want to be stuck in traffic for an hour just to go down the street.

I know all of you JC people have seen the traffic at the 141-State Bridge Road intersection. NEVER AGAIN!

3. You (or your child) attended one of the best high schools in GA, and top 500 in the country.

Look, we all know most Georgia high schools aren’t that great, but Northview HS, Chattahoochee HS, Alpharetta HS, and Johns Creek HS are slaying the game. Probably from all those high property taxes that the JC citizens have to pay to live in their 4-story mansions. Who knows?

4. You’ve been to goodwill and have found high-end brands like Lulu Lemon.

Best place to find $100 leggings for $6. If this one doesn’t relate to you, you need to shop Goodwill more often.


5. You buy workout clothes from Nike or Lulu Lemon just because you can.

Even though its 10x cheaper at Forever 21…oh well.

6. The Twisted Taco Rooftop is the Johns Creek “watering hole”.

A.K.A. The only place that’s open after 10pm that serves alcohol.


7. You’ve heard about the heroine problem in JC

JC is just so boring that they apparently have nothing better to do than experiment with drugs.

8. The Avalon is practically Downtown Johns Creek for you.

Movies, amazing food, shopping, apartments, a hotel – what more could you ask for? Maybe being able to go there without spending your entire paycheck? It’s seriously expensive, but its a good place to have fun

9. The only time you see police is when they are looking for people to pull over or are in the act of doing so.

There is practically no crime in Johns Creek, so I guess its the only thing to do? I would be bored too.


10. You anticipate high school football season, not because you’ll win anything, but because you’re about to see some HYPE diss tracks.

Here Kitty Kitty – it became iconic. Veni Vidi Vici – they didn’t pronounce their title correctly, but it was still catchy. Walk the Plank – Chattahoochee’s best diss track. Ah the memories.


11. Your household has a six figure income.

Those houses aren’t cheap, ya know.


12. When you’re feeling healthy you go to Luv-a-Bowl.

Nothing like a little Acai bowl with some granola, strawberries, and toasted coconut on top to start the day.

13. When you’re feeling not as healthy you go to Sara’s Donuts.

Not that Sara’s Donuts are any less healthy than a normal donut, they are just the best donuts ever. Simple.


14. “It’s cold outside” means 50 degrees in the winter or 70 degrees in the summer.

Northerners would laugh at us and shake their heads in shame. What about the time we were stuck in traffic for 2 days over an inch of snow? Fun times. Clearly, we don’t know what cold is, nor how to handle it.

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15. You live within a mile of Starbucks

There seems to be one everywhere you look, YET EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IS ALWAYS FULL??? Hmmm…let me grab a calculator cause THINGS DON’T ADD UP.


16. You or your child’s dream school is Georgia Tech or UGA

Close to home, a stellar education, and free tuition? Sign me up. #BlessTheHopeAndZellMillerScholarship

17. Uptown Cheapskate is essentially your BFF

Who doesn’t want to get paid to give their old clothes up and find $5 tops in the process?


18. Anytime you want to do something moderately eventful you have to travel out of JC.

Like I said, JC is kind of boring. Pumpkin patches, going to bars, concerts, super fancy dates, berry picking, cooking classes, parties? You’ll have better luck in Atlanta or Roswell. Otherwise, you’ve got slim pickings.

19. Every time you go to Regal to see a movie, you see a bunch of middle school children on their first dates.

Always waiting outside for their date’s parent to drop them off as they wait there nervously, classic.


20. Jeeps are everywhere you look

For as often as you see them, you would think they’re a dime-a-dozen.

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