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15 Signs You Grew Up In Jacksonville

15 Signs You Grew Up In Jacksonville

For most of us, where you’re from defines who you are! And if you’re from Jacksonville, Florida we bet you’re familiar with a few of these things.

If you grew up in the city of Jacksonville, you’re probably pretty familiar with these things.


You can be literally anywhere in Jacksonville, and if someone yells this, you know the whole room will surely chime in.

2. Fan loyalty is strong

The Jaguars may not be the best football team out there… but no one is more loyal than a Jags fan.


15 Signs You Grew Up in Jacksonville

3. It takes at least 30 minutes to get anywhere

Jacksonville is huge, so depending on where you live it can take you at least thirty minutes to get to another part of the city! The beach? The mall? Downtown? But you’re used to it by now.

4. Riverside is for the cool kids

Everyone knows if you want to get in touch with the hipster side of Jacksonville you take a trip to Riverside five points. This is where you’ll find the art walk, hip restaurants, and of course tons of craft beer.


5. You have strong opinions about the Jacksonville Suns changing their name to The Jumbo Shrimp

You probably spend a lot of your summer nights at these baseball games, so you feel very strongly about this name-change… you now root for a giant shrimp, and you don’t know if you’re necessarily happy about it.

15 Signs You Grew Up in Jacksonville

6. You can’t remember a time when there wasn’t any construction

You’ve gotten used to every significant highway being under construction and will be pleased to see the day when it’s finally finished! Although you don’t know when that day will come…


7. Not everyone lives by the beach

Jacksonville may be a city with a beach, but not everyone lives near the water. And depending on where you’re from, you probably go to a specific beach when you do.

8. TPC

The player’s championship is the one week during the year when traffic on the A1A is worse than ever, and even if you don’t like golf, you probably frequent this event because it’s just the thing to do.

9. Everyone knows everyone

It doesn’t matter where in Jacksonville you grew up, chances are someone in your inner circle knows someone else and from there it all just trickles down. Your best friend knows your new boyfriend’s older sisters hairdresser? Of course, they do.


10. You’re used to the rain

You know during the summer to always account for afternoon thunderstorms, and it’s not shocking when it goes from pouring to sunny in less than five minutes.

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11. Hurricanes don’t phase you

Of course, these storms can be scary, but you wouldn’t be a true Floridian if you didn’t throw a hurricane party at the first sign of a storm.


12. You know where the locals go

Jacksonville is a big city with a small town feel, so we support local owners! Metro Diner and Bold Bean coffee are just a few staples that we live by, and if you don’t eat here, then I don’t know who you are.

13. Florida/Georgia

Similar to the TPC, you can’t escape the Florida/Georgia game. And you probably end up tailgating even if you don’t root for either team.

14. You never get tired of the view of the St. Johns River

This view is just one of the things you love about being from Jax. That’s why you can find so many restaurants on the water!


15. You love being from the Bold City

Big city, beaches, good food, why would you want to grow up anywhere else?

15 Signs You Grew Up in Jacksonville

Are there certain things about your city that you love? Tell us about it in the comments!

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