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20 Signs You Grew Up In Denver

20 Signs You Grew Up In Denver

Ever wonder what it is like to grow up in Denver? Or ever want to read an article to relate to someone else that grew up in Denver? Well, here it is!

Ever wonder what it is like to grow up in Denver? Or ever want to read an article to relate to someone else that grew up in Denver? Well my friend, you have come to the right place! #Relatable

1. You may not know where North, East, and South are, but we ALWAYS know which way is West!

Growing up in Denver we have always been taught were West is because we have these huge things that come out of the ground called mountains, and they are always to the West. So if you get lost one day just know, if you’re heading toward the mountains you’re going West!


2. A North Face jacket is basically everyone’s best friend here.

Whether it’s fleece or nylon, everywhere here practically has some sort of North Face apparel. We were them religiously, hot or cold. Our whether changes so much you never know when you’ll need a light jacket!

3. While you are wearing that North Face you also have a pair of flip flops on, despite what temperature it is.

We coloradans also love to wear our flip flops regardless of the whether. I don’t exactly know why, but a basic outfit here consists of a hoodie, shorts, and flip flops!

4. The brown cloud

Sounds a little weird right? But growing up in Denver you can always count on either seeing or being in The brown cloud. Hey we aren’t perfect here, pollution happens.


5. The aggressive smell of marijuana right as you get into Denver

Ever have those fun drives to downtown and enjoying your rocking jams and then all the sudden smell an enormous, strong smell of the good ole’ mary-ju-wana??? Because me too. As everyone else from out of state thinks, we all smoke weed here so that’s the reason why.

6. Walk to school in a blizzard, walk home in sunshine

When the earth was made and the United States was born, mother nature decided to make Colorado a super indecisive state, so sometimes you literally walk to school in a blizzard, and walk home in a scolding hot desert. We still love you Colorado even though you can’t make up your damn mind.



7. You may be a school teacher, doctor, or a FBI investigator, but everyone is a hippie in Boulder

No matter what the hell your career may be you step one foot into Boulder and boom you are a fun lovin, life lovin, Grateful Dead lovin hippie. I don’t exactly know where this persona came from but if are a genuine hippie, make sure to go to Boulder at least once in your lifetime.

8. Waiting in line for hours because you wanted a picture at Voodoo donuts with your donut

If you live in Denver currently and have never been to Voodoo then get your butt going. Not gonna lie their donuts are diabetes all the way but they sure are good. When Voodoo first came into town you weren’t cool until you got your picture in front of the store and your donut in your hand. Also let’s not forgot, “good things come in pink boxes” 😉


9. Having a go-to order at Illegal Pete’s

And some of you may be eating that order while reading this.

10. Choosing between Bonnie Brae or Little Man ice cream

Both of the ice cream shops are AMAZING, and worth while. They are both super cute and super small, so those lines are a pain in @$$ but very worth it!


11. Going to Red Rocks at least once

The most beautiful place I have ever been to.

12. Can’t miss the Rocky Mountain Showdown between CSU and CU

We all love football right?! Right. This is a football game you can not miss if you grew up in Denver. Almost half our population goes to at least one of these schools (exaggeration). Almost 69,000 people went to last years game, it’s a big deal.

13. Late night drives to Lookout Mountain

Imma let the picture do the talking on this one.


14. Being country for the night at the Grizzly Rose

Not everyone is a dancer, but if you want to have some fun put some cowboy boots on and get your booty over to the Grizzly Rose.

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15. The Denver Broncos are your home team forever

Boy do we love our Bronco babies. We cherish them, we adore them, and will always love them. Especially you Peyton Manning.

16. You have experienced every single season in a day

Literally fall, spring, summer, and winter….in one frickin day.


17. You give the evil horse the evil eye back

I am not saying he is evil just because he looks mean, he seriously killed the person who created him. That’s evil! Also fun fact BTW! 😀

18. You know every word from the I-25 Tree Farm commercial

You take I-25, exit 2-35, and its 5 miles West to the tree farm.



19. We have all gotten to typical “oh so you smoke weed, right?” from the outta staters

Dude, just because we are basically the weed capital of America doesn’t mean we all smoke weed. Come on there are children here you sickos. Stop asking please for the love of all things holy.

20. We get to admire beautiful sunsets almost every night

Again, let the picture do the talking.

What are some other signs you grew up in Denver, Colorado? Share in the comments below!
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