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20 Signs You Grew Up In Cincinnati

20 Signs You Grew Up In Cincinnati


Unless you’re from Cincinnati, chances are you’re not going to hear about it very often (especially not because of our sport’s teams). But, only we are allowed to bash it because this is our home and here are 20 other signs you are also from the best city in Ohio.

1. Chili is best served sweet and over spaghetti

2. You root for the Bengals or the Red’s, even if literally no one in any other state does.

3. Michigan is the enemy


4. You’ve gotten in way too many arguments over whether the correct term is “soda” or “pop”

5. If you liked Harambe before his death #RIPHarambe

6. Every winter you go ice skating in Fountain Square


7. Chances are your parents or your friend’s parents work for P&G or GE

8. Graeter’s is the best ice cream

9. Nothing beats Holtman’s Donuts on Saturday mornings

10. The Flying Pig Marathon is one of the biggest athletic events

11. You love going to OTR (but not alone)


12. You’re still not sure why the airport is in Northern Kentucky

13. No one could pay you enough money to swim in the Ohio River

14. You loved Walk the Moon before everyone else

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15. Heck yeah Cincinnati has a music festival. It’s called Bunbury (It is like the cincinnati version of Coachella

16. You judge people by their high school rather than their college

17. You can tell what part of town you are in from the quality of the Kroger
And if you’re in one that you don’t normally go to, you are completely lost


18. You’re either a U.C. fan or an Xavier fan, there is no inbetween.

19. You never trust the weather radar

20. King’s Island is “vacation” and Buffalo Wild Wings is a “night out”

Did you or someone you know grow up in Cincinnati Ohio!? Share in the comments below!

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