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20 Signs You Grew Up In Chicago

20 Signs You Grew Up In Chicago

There's something about being from the Windy City that makes you different from the other kids. Here are the 20 signs you grew up in Chicago!

After living in Chicago for your whole life, spotting a born and raised Chicagoan is easy! There’s something about being from the Windy City that makes you different from the other kids.¬†Here are the 20 signs you grew up in Chicago!

1. You still call the city’s tallest building the Sears Tower

What even is the “Willis Tower”?

2. Growing up, Kiddieland was your favorite place in the world

You can’t even remember how many times you went on the Little Dipper.

3. You went to see the massive holiday windows at Marshall Field’s everyday (definitely not Macy’s)

It was basically a family tradition!

4. You know the Empire Carpet jingle by heart

Sing it with me! 800-588-2300 EMPIRE! (We won’t judge if it was your ringtone at one point).

5. The Chicago Bears are basically a religion

We can’t associate with anyone who likes the Packers… it would be like going over to the dark side.


6. “I’m just taking the LSD, I’ll see you soon!”

For you, the LSD is not a drug. Instead, it is the beautiful stretch of highway that runs along the lake, giving you a breath taking view of the city.

7. You won’t even bother leaving the house during Lollapalooza

Especially if you live anywhere near Grant Park. For four days, all you will see is hoards of sweaty people on every street, on every train car, and on every bus. Unless you are one of those people, you probably don’t want to leave the house.

8. There are two seasons in Chicago: Winter and Construction

Winter is cold and blistering, while the construction is year round… and there is no way to escape it.

9. You are either an O’Hare of Midway person

Personally, I prefer O’Hare.

10. During the summer, you live for the beach

Where should we go today? North Avenue? Oak Street? The Ledge?

11. You thought you were injury prone, until you saw Derrick Rose

Will this be the last time he plays? Find out in tonight’s breaking news episode.

12. You know you can always celebrate in Chicago

From the Magnificent Mile Holiday Parade to seeing the river dyed green on St. Patty’s Day to the Gay Pride Parade in Boystown, it’s always a party in Chicago.

13. You love Casimir Pulaski Day

No one outside of Illinois knows who Mr. Pulaski is, so you feel pretty special when you get a day off from school and your Polish friends get to celebrate their heritage.

14. It is, and will always be a SIN to put ketchup on your hotdog

Chicago’s famous dog only needs a pickle, tomato, sport peppers, relish, onions, mustard, and celery salt. You could probably list hotdog joints that have signs warning against ketchup.

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15. Even if you are a Sox fan at heart, you still cheered for the Cubs when they won the  2016 World Series

How could you not cheer for them? I mean its not like its been 108 years or anything.

16. Your neighborhood is who you are

There are over 200 neighborhoods in Chicago and you’re from one of them. Is it Lincoln Park? The Loop? Pilsen? Take your pick.

17. Who needs cabs when you have the CTA?

Chicago Transit Authority aka the “L”. What a good friend. You could probably find your way home with your eyes closed because you’ve taken it so many times.

18. You measure distance in minutes

Miles? What are those? You measure in minutes and SWEAR that everything is at least 10 to 15 minutes away.

19. You know why the city is called the “Windy City”

You now it’s because of the loud mouth politicians. But, it so happens that the city is also very windy.

20. You have used furniture to hold a parking spot in the winter

It’s basically a Chicago Classic! Your favorite type of furniture is the folding chair.

What are some other signs you’re from Chicago? Comment below and share this article with your friends!

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