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20 Signs You Grew Up in Athens

20 Signs You Grew Up in Athens

When a college town is your hometown, growing up is a little different. For example, you have no choice whether to be a Dawg Fan or not.. you just are. Here are some things that only people who grew up in Athens will really understand.

1. You eat at Taq del Sol approximately three times a week.

Even though it is a favorite restaurant to those who visit Athens from other towns, that doesn’t mean it is any less appealing to locals. Your week doesn’t feel complete without at least one trip to Taq.

2. You go to every football game and tailgate even if you are not a student.

It is part of the culture–everyone bleeds red and black.


3. You’ve taken pictures before a school dance at the Botanical Gardens.

No matter what school you are from, there is a 100% chance you have taken pictures at the Botans whether it be before Sadie, homecoming, or prom.

4. You brunch at Mama’s Boy.

If you live in Athens, you know it is nearly impossible to get a table on a Sunday or Saturday without a wait. But if you go at the right time, there is nothing better than Mama’s Boy. Whether it be chocolate milk, the cinnamon rolls, or pancakes on Tuesday, you really can’t go wrong.


5. You never walk through the arches at UGA.

Even though you aren’t a student yet, you know that if you get the chance to be a dawg and walk through the arches, you won’t graduate.. and no one wants to risk that!

6. You know that Mellow Mushroom is the best option for pizza.

It just doesn’t get much better than Mellow.

7. You’ve been to the graffiti bridge near Pulaski street.


8. You know that the best time of the year is when the students leave.

While Athens isn’t complete without UGA students, a great time of year is when the students are gone on breaks because it means parking downtown and not having waits in restaurants!!!

9. You go to Add Drug.

One of the Seven Wonders of Athens, not many people know about this hidden treasure. Located in 5 Points, Add Drug is a lunch-counter style restaurant with grilled cheese, milkshakes, and burgers to die for.

10. You go to Twilight every year.

The Criterium bike race is one of Athens’ most populated events of the summer. In early May, bikers from all over the country race around downtown Athens and there are all other kinds of things to do such as eat at food trucks or ride mechanical bulls.



11. You love the sunsets on Hog Mountain Road in Oconee County.

For me, the best sunset in Athens can be found on the way to La Pa in Watkinsville on Hog Mountain Road.

12. You admire the Heery’s window downtown.

When passing through downtown Athens, one of the most beautiful sights is the Heery’s window filled with beautiful clothes and accessories and you pray one day you will be able to afford all of it.


13. You get ice cream from Hodgson’s

This pharmacy and ice cream shop is located in 5 points and is a huge part of the childhoods of many of Athens kids.

14. You love Cali-n-Titos

With some of the most authentic and best Mexican food in Athens, you know to bring cash and NOT card when going to Cali-n-Titos

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15. You never go to Georgia Square Mall.

Sometimes exceptions are made if you are in dire need of VS, but most Athens people steer clear of Georgia Square Mall at all costs.

16. Your go-to for late night dessert is Insomnia.

Even though you might not be in the radius for delivery, the drive downtown late at night is definitely worth a warm, delicious Insomnia cookie.


17. You get all your clothes at Urban.

And it is very often that you see someone wearing a shirt or dress that you own because you both got it at Urban.


18. You go to all kinds of UGA sporting events.

In addition to football, living in Athens means you go all kinds of UGA games including tennis matches (NCAA tournament is sometimes hosted in Athens), gymdawg meets (I had season tickets growing up), basketball games, and even baseball sometimes.


19. You live for Racetrac’s Sodapalooza in the summer.

Sodapalooza= Racetrac cups that you can refill indefinitely for free after you purchase them once.

20. You’ve been to the train trestle in Oconee County.

One of the best places in the OC to go take some pictures and see the sunset.

Do you have anymore signs you grew up in Athens? Let us know in the comments below!
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