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10 Signs You Grew Up In An Asian Household

10 Signs You Grew Up In An Asian Household

Every child in an Asian household knows the daily struggle and the appreciation of tradition. These are signs you grew up in an Asian household!

Every child who grew up in an Asian household knows the daily struggle… of well, being an Asian child. There were so many rules and restrictions set up by our parents that basically drove us insane at some point. But in the end, they ended up helping us become self sustaining individuals that we are today. At least most of us. Here’s a list of signs that prove you grew up in an Asian household.

10 Signs You Grew Up In An Asian Household

No Shoes In the House

It was considered rude and disgusting to wear your shoes in the house. They tracked in the dirt from outside and would literally make your mom see red. Whenever you went to a friend’s house, you also questioned whether to take off your shoes or keep them on.

The Best Lunches Known to Man

Sure, at first bringing lunch from home used to be the worst thing possible. No one wanted to sit next to the kid with “smelly” food. Your mom slaved away in the kitchen making the lunch, yet you begged everyday to not take it to school. But as you grew up, everyone wanted your lunch in high school. What school lunch could outdo homemade chicken tikka masala, spring rolls, bibimbap, or tonkatsu.

10 Signs You Grew Up In An Asian Household

Close The Door

With all that delicious cooking, there is also the aroma that comes with it. During school you would always close your bedroom door so your stuff wouldn’t smell of food. Even if you were proud of your heritage, you still didn’t want your clothes and backpack to smell like last nights dinner.

Don’t Forget That Jacket

You’re ready to go out with friends and have a good time. Before you can even step foot out of the door you always hear, “It’s cold outside, take a jacket!” Even during 100 degree weather in the middle of July, our moms will never miss a beat with this phrase.

10 Signs You Grew Up In An Asian Household

What’s Life Without Rice?

Rice. We have it with most meals. We literally cannot live without it. Okay maybe I’m over exaggerating, but still, rice is the best thing to ever grace the earth and it a staple in many Asian cuisine.

10 Signs You Grew Up In An Asian Household

Plastic Wrap Everywhere

The logic was to protect every piece of furniture and every remote in the house. The couch: plastic cover. The TV remote: plastic cover. The cushions: plastic cover.

When it was the summer and you wore shorts, your thighs stuck to the couch.

Musical Protegee?

Growing up, you were forced to play an instrument, mainly piano or violin. If your parents were cool, they let you play the guitar. We spent endless hours practicing and perfecting every piece of music we received, and at the end we would have a recital for our family and friends. The praise at the end was totally worth it.

Is She Really My Aunt?

Over the course of our lives, we have met so many people that have no relation to the family, yet we still call them our aunties and uncles. Explaining your relation to other people is a total mess.

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“Oh yeah she’s my mom’s neighbor’s cousin’s…. you know what, she’s my aunt from out of town.”

Bargaining Kings and Queens

Our parents are masters of this. I remember my mom got our washing machine for cheaper that what was being sold. They can literally haggle down set prices.  When they work their magic, all is good in the world.

Traditions Stay Strong

In an Asian household, whether your parents came from another country or not, they kept the culture and traditions alive to pass on to us, their kids. Filled with so much history, festivals were magical during our childhoods. From fireworks to the delicious food, we admire and respect the traditions of our motherlands.

10 Signs You Grew Up In An Asian Household

Can you relate to growing up in an Asian household?! Share in the comments below!

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