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15 Signs You Grew Up Bisexual

15 Signs You Grew Up Bisexual

15 Signs You Grew Up Bisexual

Congrats! You grew up bisexual, which is arguably the best of both worlds (shoutout to Hannah Montana). You get the pick of both genders, which is sometimes great and sometimes… not so great. I’m looking at you, tinder.

So, if you grew up bisexual like this article suggests, there’s a good chance that you relate to all of these signs. Sit back and enjoy the good and bad nostalgia.

1. No matter your gender, you think that Shang from Mulan is hot af.

15 Signs You Grew Up Bisexual

2. You looked in the mirror at yourself and, at least once, thought that certain parts of your body were wierdly attractive.

Hear me out: no matter how insecure you were, seeing that and thinking about it on another human? Hot. Especially when you have a bunch of hormones running through your body.

3. You liked both Gabriella and Troy in Highschool Musical.

And you definitely pretended that liking the other was simply out of admiration for their singing.

15 Signs You Grew Up Bisexual

4. In high school, you felt really awkward during pool parties.

Everyone else was really hot and semi-dressed, you can’t help it. It’s like being hit with cement blocks of nervousness from both sides.

5. You were at a sleepover and had to pretend (at least once) that your crush was absolutely the opposite gender and not someone at the aformentioned sleepover.

There’s nothing quite like pushing yourself further into the closet to apease straight friends.

6. You had several crushes on your straight friends.

This meant though that you couldn’t say anything because you didn’t want it to be weird have them whisper, “Wait, does that mean you’re bisexual?”

7. Someone insisting that this is a phase.

15 Signs You Grew Up Bisexual

8. Possibly mistaking yourself for another sexuality because you’ve dated “too many” of one gender and people are weird about it.

It’s all good, a lot of us do it. Biphobia is a real thing and we should talk about it more.

9. When you started University, you heard that people were totally out as bisexual and you thought, “Wait, you can DO that??”

There’s nothing more empowering than seeing that one cool, bisexual girl who has multiple piercings proclaiming to the world that she likes to make out with guys and girls. Also nothing more hot, if you’re fellow a bisexual woman.

10. Having at least one person ask if you’re into threesomes.

No. Hard no. And no self-respecting bisexual will keep dating you if you keep insisting.

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11. Also, going on a dating app and matching with someone of the opposite gender and them messaging saying “we’re a couple looking for an extra!”

You grew up bisexual, and this is what you get out of it as an adult. That sucks.

Also hot tip: none of us want that.

12. Getting into awkward situations when you break up with someone.

There seems to be very little of us (even though there isn’t) and you run into exes all the time. It’s even worse when there’s only one LGBTQ+ club in your city. Try hooking up with a cute person when your ex and their friends are staring at you.

13. Family members trying to match you up with other LGBTQ+ people because that’s obviously the only thing you need to have in common!

The worst is when it’s a friend of a family member. It’s like they hear the word gay and they’re like, “Date my gay friend immediately!!!”

14. Immediately cringing at the word “experiment”.

You’ve heard it so many times in a bad context that the response is almost ingrained in your DNA. This is especially true if you’re currently in university.

15. And, finally: remembering that pride is a process and knowing you’ve definitely made your still-in-the-closet, twelve-year-old self proud!

You grew up bisexual! That makes you apart of an amazing community. Now go out and find a hot prince or princess charming!

Do you relate to any of these? Let us know in the comments!

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