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10 Signs You Go To Winthrop University

10 Signs You Go To Winthrop University

Everything that happens is a part of the normal day in the life on campus. Here are some signs that you go to Winthrop University.

Choosing to go to Winthrop was one of the best decisions ever made. There are honestly no regrets. Everything that happens is a part of the normal day in the life on campus. Here are some signs that you go to Winthrop University.

1. Trying to stretch Cafe Cash past October

You are only awarded a certain amount of Cafe Cash every semester. It can be used as cash around campus. (Mine is usually thrown into Burger Studio and Miso) It is really hard to not spend it as soon as you get it!

2. Getting ticketed on Garnet and Gold Friday

Yeah this is a thing. Get caught out of garnet and gold, get a ticket! But it’s just a coupon to go to the bookstore to actually buy something garnet and/or gold.


3. Avoiding parking in Legion

And you just HATE the people who scored the parks closest to your dorm.


4. Going to free cultural events to avoid spending money

(Unless it’s a amazingly, cool event)


5. Taking advantage of the Chick-Fil-A that gives “Winthrop” discount

This is literally the best thing ever.

6. Hearing the game bus from afar

It’s game time! Be on the bus, drive yourself, or miss the game.

7. Your expressed annoyance when high school kids come to visit

Even though at one point in time we were all once those annoying kids visiting.

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8. The President comes to most events

(He teaches too)


9. Struggling to connect to the “WinthropSecure” internet

No, Winthrop, I’m not a guest so I shouldn’t have to use WinthropGuest.

10. Spending all your money on Starbucks

Yes mom, I really do need a venti caramel macchiato every morning. Sometimes twice.

Here are some true signs that you go to Winthrop University, can you come up with any others? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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