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20 Signs You Go To Virginia Tech

Every college has things that only their students will understand. Here are some signs you go to Virginia Tech that every Hokie can relate to!

1. Half of your wardrobe consists of orange and maroon

Cause really, there is no better color combination out there

2. You pregame to Enter Sandman

…and probably jump too

3. Whenever you hear “Let’s Go” your natural instinct is to scream “Hokies!”


4. You have a parking pass that you probably don’t use

Because there is no place to park unless you look for one at the crack of dawn.

5. You are obsessed with chicken parmesan

You can be seen at Owen’s every time this is served


6. You will never complain about getting up at 8am for a tailgate, but will skip a class that starts at noon

Tailgates are 100% worth getting no sleep for.

7. Half of your diet consists of Benny’s, Cabo, Qdoba, and ABP

Also where half of your money is spent.

8. You know the difference between gucci and ghetto Kroger

Don’t forget ghetto and Gucci El Rods.

9. Virginia Tech football is one of the biggest stressors in your life

They keep you on your toes, and if you are a fan you have probably found God by praying for their success.


10. Going out on a Tuesday night is completely normal

TOTS Tuesday!!

11. You have had the unfortunate experience of having a class at the math empo

Why am I paying money to teach myself math…?

12. You probably never read “The Heart and Fist” by Eric Greitens, but told yourself you would

This is given out at orientation, you swore you were going to read it, and probably never even opened it.

13. El Rods is/was one of your favorite places in Blacksburg

Margarita’s anyone?

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14. You have snap-storied a picture of Burrus in the sunset

So basic. So pretty. So necessary.

15. Your friends have made fun of you for having a “castrated turkey” for a mascot

Joke’s on you, that’s not what it is according to!

16. Chick Fil A breakfast is an integral part of your week

Best dining improvement ever made.

17. You have taken a picture in front of the lit up VT flag at TOTS

This is a norm. It is also on the “VT Bucket List.”

18. Walking is your biggest form of exercise

You walk everywhere. 4 miles to class? No problem.

19. All of your friends are probably from NOVA

Or New Jersey… but mostly NOVA.

20. You never imagine being anywhere else because you love VT

What’s a Hokie? I am.

What are other signs you go to Virginia Tech? Comment below!
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Alexandra Kamm

Alexandra is a finance and marketing major at the University of New Hampshire. Coffee connoisseur, tennis coach, and expert in the art of witty banter.

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