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20 Signs You Go To USC

There are so many reasons that I love going to the University of South Carolina. If you go to USC there are things that you can appreciate that no one else can understand. These are the signs you go to USC!!

1. Orange is nonexistent in your wardrobe.

2. You own at least one shirt that says “COCKS”, and wear it proudly.

3. You get insulted when people ask you which USC you go too. The better one, duh.

4. Drinking ticket becomes your go-to source for all news on campus.

5. It’s normal to go out on Monday nights.

6. You can’t leave for one night without having FOMO because there is always something going on.

7. You go to the gym to go to the pool more than you go to actually workout.

8. All of your friends want to come visit.

9. When it gets down to 50 degrees and you don’t know what to do with yourself.

10. Eddie’s Calzone’s becomes your second home.

11. Five Points destroys your bank account.

12. It feels weird leaving school and not seeing palm trees.

13. You see at least 10 Jeeps a day.

14. You can’t control yourself when Sandstorm comes on.

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15. You get excited when your parents come visit because you can eat in the Vista.

16. When you come home for summer, all you and your friends text about is how much you want to go back to school.

17. Jumping into fountains is socially acceptable after the Gamecocks win a basketball game.

18. You’re friends who don’t go to USC get annoyed about how much you talk about USC.

19. You laugh when anyone says they have more school spirit than we do.

20. You can’t imagine yourself going anywhere else.

Can you relate to these signs that you go to USC!? Share in the comments below!

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