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20 Signs You Go To University of Michigan

20 Signs You Go To University of Michigan

No matter where you come from, there are distinct signs you go to University of Michigan that separate us students from the rest.

Any person that has a relative who has attended, does attend, or wants to attend the University of Michigan can agree that it is HANDS DOWN the greatest school in the country. The minute you step onto the beautiful Ann Arbor campus, you are overpowered by a sense of community and comradery that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. However, for those not fortunate enough to go here (yea, I’m talking to you Ohio State), the constant chatter about U of M and all it has to offer sounds like nails on a chalkboard. However, no matter where you come from, there are distinct signs you go to University of Michigan that separate us students from the rest.

1. You have instagrammed at Fred’s.

How could you not? The aesthetic goes with almost any insta flow.



2. You own a Canada Goose jacket.

Warmest of the warm!


3. You have at least one University of Michigan sticker on your car.

It is extremely important that wherever you go, every single person knows what college you go to.



4. You have a cardholder on the back of your phone with the Michigan logo.

Another great way to advertise the greatest university.



5. You treat game days like a national holiday.

There’s no point in looking at Snapstories on game day unless you want to be EXTREMELY jealous. Every single person you know who goes to U of M will already have posted at least 10 stories by 11 A.M.




6. You have sent a Snapchat crying from the Ref about how much work you have at least once.

Everyone’s done it. Work hard play hard is a real thing.


7. Any time it is above 45º all you can talk about is how it feels like summer.

Winters in Michigan are brutal. No one can prepare you for them. Anytime it is even semi-warm out its means for celebration.



8. You wear baseball hats even when it’s not sunny.

While this is a new fashion trend, I mostly wear hats so I don’t have to make eye contact with others. I assume that is why most people are doing it.



9. You could fill an entire closet with just Michigan apparel.

One Michigan sweatshirt is not enough. Every time you walk into the MDen there are at least 30 new things I want to buy. Owning Michigan apparel is like owning a pair of black sneakers – absolutely necessary.


10. You know every word to “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

If you’ve ever been to a Michigan tailgate, you know.



11. Your Instagram bio is some variation of where you’re from, that you go to U of M, and what sorority/frat you are in.

You’ve definitely seen it for yourself. Why not publicize where you go to school even more!



12. Canvas is your best friend.

Canvas is the go to for every single class. Whether its checking grades, looking at notes, or submitting assignments, Canvas is where you can do it all.


13. The dining hall menu links are shortcuts in your browser.

While not everyone utilizes the dining hall, those who do base where they eat on the menu of that day. Luckily, each dining hall has a menu that you can check online.



14. Once second semester starts, you can always be found in either Arbor Blu or Landmark.

For those stuck in Markley or Oxford, 2nd semester is a time of exodus. Many people’s parents are kind enough to allow them to sublet an apartment. Not only are they lucky, but also so are the kids who still live in dorms: apartments = no rules

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In college, you tend to start living out of your backpack essentials, so make sure to have it ready for anything life throws at you.



15. You know the importance of philanthropy events for your sorority so you get a fire room in the house.

Housing points are a BIG deal. No one wants to live in a bunkbed as a sophomore in college. Philanthropy events are worth the most points. Going is as easy as taking a selfie and walking out.




16. You call Pizza House and they know your name and address without you having to even say it.

Pizza House is the go to for late night eats. The best is that they keep track of your address so you never have to remind them.



17. Backpacking for classes stresses you out more than picking out your Thursday night outfit does.

By the time your scheduling appointment comes around, you will be knocked out of half the classes you backpacked and have to email almost every professor on your list. Backpacking classes alone is extremely difficult, and the LSA advisors are about as helpful as a car salesman in a shoe store.


18. You will post about your MRelay team 1,000 times on Facebook to try to entice those random family members to help you reach $100.

Every person in Greek life is required to participate in MRelay and raise $100. While this is a great cause, getting people to donate is a huge struggle. Every person you know will have posted about MRelay on Facebook at least twice before the day of.



19. You walk around with sneakers that have mounds of dirt on them until tailgate season is over because there is no point in cleaning them.

No matter the weather, you will come home from a tailgate with enough dirt on your shoes for a pig to roll around in pleasurably. No point in cleaning them, it happens every time.



20. You leave your dorm at 10 A.M. for a 10 A.M. because Michigan is kind enough to bless us with Michigan time.

Whoever’s idea it was to create Michigan time deserves a throne of gold and unlimited meatballs from Mani.

What are some other signs you go to University of Michigan? Share in the comments below!
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