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20 Signs You Go To UCI

20 Signs You Go To UCI

Whether you are a freshman or a senior, you have to admit how awesome The University of California Irvine is. Like any other school, it has its quirks, but they add character. From all of the boba shops, to waiting for the bus, keep reading for 20 signs you go to UCI!

1. You know the difference between a llama and an anteater.

Or the rock sign, or the Spider signal. You’ve basically heard it all at this point.

2. 2 dollar boba is your go to walking to class.

At any given day of the week you have your choice of Milk Tea, Thai Tea, and if you’re lucky, Mung Bean.


3. All of your Facebook friends know The Rams practice on your campus.

Our school doesn’t have a football team, you know what we have? Two libraries! So just let us have this.

4. You’ve specifically made a freshman friend to swipe you in.

I mean we would have been friends anyways, really. The swipes (and free food) are just an added bonus.

5. You’re still salty about the Mesa Towers.

In all honesty I will never not be salty about the Mesa Towers. These are some of the most high tech buildings at this school, they have elevators, not only that but NICE elevators.



6. Bust a zot has taken on a whole new meaning.

Thank you to that one freshman on Facebook, yes we get it you had a problem. But now I have a problem, never again will I be able to hear one of our schools favorite slogans.

7. Have a favorite boba shop (of the 8 near campus).

So you have your basics like Cha or Lollicup. But, then you have Class 302, Roasting Waters, 7 Leaves, 85°, Quickly and Tastea. Being a boba expert is definitely one of the classic signs you go to UCI.


8. You’ve pulled an overnighter during Langson’s 24 hours.

Never have I been so happy to not have sleep than Langson’s 24 hours during final weeks. I don’t have to pay for WiFi, it’s near a Starbucks, and it’s surprisingly warm.

9. You argued with people throughout your freshman year if Middle or Mesa was better.

Middle, Mesa, Middle, Mesa. Can we all just agree there’s a lot more to do than CV?

10. Everyday is leg day.

Everyday, every walk to class, every hill. It’s pretty much impossible to reach any classroom without a hill or a set of stairs.


11. Whenever you’re lost you just walk around the circle until you reach your destination.

Eventually I’ll get there, the entire campus is literally one big circle.

12. You’ve seen at least one of your SPOP friends around.

They seem to be everywhere: pippins, your discussion, your common room. Do we still consider ourselves friends, I mean I liked your Facebook post. Really it feels like you never left SPOP.

13. You’re eagerly awaiting the Target coming Summer 2017.

14. If you don’t have a car you know the endless wait for the bus.

Sometimes it takes 20 minutes, sometimes it takes an hour. Sometimes its empty, sometimes its so full you cant even step on. Really its a gamble and even if you take the same bus everyday you never know what you’ll get. It’s one of the signs you go to UCI that you loathe.

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15. The middle schoolers taking tours just seemed like really young freshman.

At first it was really easy to distinguish them, large groups usually wearing the same outfit. But each year it gets a little more indistinguishable.



16. Yes, events on campus are fine but whats even more fun is the free food.

The food is just one of the many perks, believe me Costco pizza is way up there with Pippins food at this point.

17. The walk to the Starbucks in Albertsons plaza isn’t that bad.

Yes there are currently 2 Starbucks on campus, and another one being built in Bio Sci BUT none of these accept coupons. While its a longer walk at least you can finally get your birthday drink.

18. At least three of your friends have Disney passes.

It may not seem necessary, but it is most definitely an investment. Now I have a reward for myself after every final, I will get my use out of this.


19. The last time you were at the ARC was late night.

20. You don’t visit the beach half as much as you thought you would.

20 minutes from campus? When I started I was so excited, but after learning that they cancelled the bus that used to go to the beach I suddenly lost interest. Now not only did I have to pay for gas, but find parking, yeah no thanks.


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