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20 Signs You Go To The University Of Vermont

20 Signs You Go To The University Of Vermont

20 Signs You Go To The University Of Vermont

When you go to The University of Vermont, you’ll know specific people, places, or signs that only UVM students know. You’ll definitely know what I mean. Keep reading for 20 signs you go to The University of Vermont!

1. You call soft serve ice cream cones ‘Creemees.’

If you google the word creemee, at least the first five results have to do with Vermont. Saying creemee instead of soft serve is a very Vermont thing, and if you grew up here you might not even know what soft serve means.

A #Vermont institution. #Cremee

 2. You’re obsessed with maple.

Maple syrup, maple coffee, and yes, maple creemees. I visited the local animal shelter and the first dog I met was a puppy named maple. The dining halls here are pretty average, but you can bet that we have real maple syrup available at every meal. PRO TIP: If you visit Henderson’s coffee shop in the Dudley Davis Center, try the iced maple madness. Its reason enough to chose UVM.

3. You think nature is beautiful.

Want to wake up in the morning and see the sunrise over the mountains? Look no further.


4. You love the outdoors.

It’s one thing to admire, but another to actually get out there. UVM s surrounded by hiking trails, bike paths, and nature walks for all experience and ability levels.

My only sunny summit of the week. #camelshump earlier this week #vermonting #longtrail @green_mountain_club

5. You don’t mind the cold.

It can get quite chilly here in Vermont, so this is definitely a place for hardier folks. If you love cozy sweaters and down jackets, you belong here.


6. But you aren’t quite ready to give up the beaches.

You might be surprised to know that Lake Champlain is dotted with warm sand beaches. There might not be much in the way of surfing, but there is plenty of room for beach volleyball, tanning, and waterside cookouts.


7. You own a hammock.

Need a nap? Hammock. Have to study? Hammock. Last minute date idea? Hammock.

8. You love hockey.

Some schools have football. We have hockey. Both our men and women’s ice hockey teams are exceptional and the games are always lit. The best part? Tickets are cheap and easy to get for students.

9. You’re pre-med.

How many universities have state-of-the-art medical centers right on campus? The UVM medical center is arguably the best hospital in the state, and as a UVM student you not only have access to great healthcare, but great opportunities too.


10. You’re only kinda into Greek life.

At some schools, if you aren’t into Greek life you won’t have a life. UVM has six different sororities and nine fraternities. While they have a presence on campus, it isn’t overwhelming by any means. Perfect if you want Greek life to be part of, not all of, your life.

11. You have some form of disability.

One of greatest resources at UVM is the Student Accessibility Services. Whether you have a physical disability, learning impairment, or mental illness, SAS is there to help you out.

12. You love to shop small.

Burlington is an artsy little city, with plenty of small businesses to support. From coffee shops to clothing boutiques, there is always a cute place to get what you need.

You can now follow @mirabellescafe on #Instagram! Perfect timing for all those sweet holiday treats. 📸:@ate02_ #BTV #Burlington #Brunch #Bakery #Mirabelles #ate02

13. You care about the environment.

From green buildings and compulsive composting to impressive environmental science programs, UVM has the planets well-being in mind. The school even went as far as to ban plastic disposable water bottles to reduce plastic waste, and installed water fountains all over to stay hydrated.

14. You’re health conscious.

Not only does UVM have a fantastic gym facility with epic views from the cardio room, there is also an on campus movement to be healthy. UVM recently banned the use of tobacco products on campus. Although not everyone follows this rule, it has drastically reduced the amount of second hand smoke on campus.

15. You own a mason jar (or 100).

Seriously, we use them for everything. Water, snacks, illegal substances. I’ve been to at least five events this year just for the free mason jar. Right now people are filling mason jars with homemade cookie mix. Mason jars are as much a dorm room necessity as pencils.

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16. You love live music (especially small bands).

Just a ten minute uber or bus ride away from campus is a music venue called higher ground. They bring in new musicians every week, from the Dirty Heads to the Head and the Heart to Aaron Carter. Tickets are reasonable too.

17. You ski or snowboard.

No, its not Big Sky, but there is still pretty decent skiing here in Vermont. Resorts like Sugarbush, Bolton, and Stowe are just a short drive away. Not to mention that the ski and snowboard club charters a bus there on the weekends. Also, the college pass prices are unreal.


18. You live in your flannel shirt.

If you don’t own a flannel shirt, do you really live in New England?

19. You love dogs.

Not only is the dog spotting scene in downtown Burlington absolute fire, but they also have a therapy dog on campus. He has office hours for snuggling. Check him out on insta @tucker_uvm.

20. You love yourself.

If you truly practice self-love, send yourself to UVM.



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