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20 Signs You Go To The University of Oregon

20 Signs You Go To The University of Oregon

Eugene makes up for in unmatchable school spirit, genuine people and true seasons. Anyway, in case you forgot what student-life is like in Tracktown, here’s 20 signs you go to the University of Oregon.

If you currently attend or have visited the University of Oregon, you know that the campus life in the “dirty Eugene” is unique to say the least. What we lack for in sun, California beaches, and big-city night life, Eugene makes up for in unmatchable school spirit, genuine people and true seasons. Anyway, in case you forgot what student-life is like in Tracktown, here’s 20 signs you go to the University of Oregon.

1. You own too much Oregon Duck gear to count.

Game days at Autzen Stadium are a HUGE deal. Eugene is a sea of green and yellow on game days.


2. You’ve ordered from Dough Co.

Whether you’re just coming back from a night out, or returning after a long day at Autzen, Dough Co. is the go-to for all of your cookie and calzone needs. Everybody knows this is one of the key signs you go to the University of Oregon.

3. You own a pair of water-proof shoes.

Sadly, Oregon gets a lot of rain—arguably too much. Ultimately, this means that water-proof shoes are a must, that is, if you want to avoid sitting through a lecture in soaked running shoes.

4. “Puddles” has taken a video or a selfie on your phone at least once.

One thing that the infamous Oregon duck mascot is known for, is taking photos and videos on students’ phones during sporting events. Most students would argue it’s the highest honor on campus.


5. You’ve had to walk all the way to Knight Library to print something the night before it’s due.

Why is it that the Global Scholars Hall (GSH) printers never seem to be “in-order”? And why is the Law Library always closed when you really really need to print something for your 8 AM?

6. You’ve skipped class at least once, simply because you didn’t want to walk in the pouring rain.

In case you haven’t heard already, it rains in Oregon. A LOT. So, it seems only fair to assume that some of those times call for staying in and skipping class for Netflix.


7. You own one pair of Chacos or Berkenstocks.

East-coasters may think that these sporty sandals seem lame, but Oregonians go crazy for them. And, us Oregonians will do anything for that sweet “Chaco” tan line that inevitably happens when the sun comes out.

8. You bike (or scooter) to class.

I’ve almost gotten hit walking to class by bikers on numerous occasions. Sometimes it feels like the walkers are outnumbered, which seems interesting.


9. You own a “fracket.”

Especially during winter term, walking to live-outs and fraternity houses can be too cold to go without a jacket, but you don’t’ want to bring your nicest puffy coat, in case it gets stolen. Solution: most students have “frackets,” or jackets that they wouldn’t mind if they got stolen at a party.

10. If you don’t already own a “fracket,” you know the best hiding spots at all your favorite live-outs and fraternity houses for your nicer jackets.

If you only have one North Face puffy coat that you absolutely cannot live without, it’s important to know where to hide it when you go out, so that it’s there when you’re ready to go home.


11. You see at least three squirrels on your way to class.

The squirrels on the UO campus are different than other squirrels, and any UO student can attest to that. I guess you could describe them as more…friendly?

12. You develop an online-shopping addiction.

With no mall even close to walking-distance from campus, it can be hard to shop when you don’t have a car in Eugene. Online-shopping is your friend when it comes to finding a dress for your formal, for example.


13. You own a hydro-flask.

Hydro-flask water bottles are considered “main-stream” now, but the Pacific Northwest likes to think that they started this particular trend.

15. You’re vegan. Or gluten-free. Or both.

It feels like everyone in Eugene requires a gluten-free menu when they go out to eat. However, UO definitely caters to those brave souls, with multiple options for gluten-free or vegan diets.

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15. You don’t use or need an umbrella when it’s raining.

Because it rains so often here, umbrellas are non-essentials for most students. At some point, you just don’t care enough to whip it out.


16. You’ve gotten at least one parking ticket at some point.

The Eugene parking “police” will ALWAYS get you. Don’t ever assume that they won’t, because they ALWAYS will. Trust me.

17. You can typically always get a “Sco Ducks” back.

Anytime of the day or night, or any place near campus, you can typically always get a “Sco Ducks” back if you yell one loud enough.


18. You never see your friends who live in Barnhart.

The dorms in Barnhart are only approximately two miles away from the other dorms on campus, but that two miles sure feels like two worlds away when you’re on foot.

19. You have countless pieces of “duck gear.”

Whether it be beanies, t-shirts, leggings, sweatshirts, or overalls- you have enough game day clothing to last you more than the four years that you’ll need it.


20. You ~strongly dislike~ the Beavers.

The OSU vs. UO rivalry is way too real. There really is nothing like Civil War game day at Autzen or Reeser—probably because the Ducks typically win.

What would you add to this list of signs you go to the University of Oregon? Let us know in the comments below!
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