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20 Signs You Go To The University Of Florida

20 Signs You Go To The University Of Florida

Do you bleed orange and blue? Do you know the Gator Chomp like the back of your hand? Are you looking forward to Krishna lunch? If you know these signs, there’s a good chance you’re a Florida Gator. Here are 20 more signs you go to The University of Florida!

1. The majority of your wardrobe is some shade of orange or blue (or both)

It’s almost impossible to resist the urge of adding yet another bright blue dress or orange tank to your closet.

2. You’ve spent countless hours studying at Marston or Lib West

Studying or crying? Pretty much the same thing.


3. You might not know anything about football, but on Saturdays you’re an expert

Saturdays are for game days.

4. Fall semester means football season which also means tailgates

Tailgates are priorities, games not so much.

5. You have at least 20 obligatory pictures of you doing the Gator chomp.

From Preview, to game days and every other celebratory Gator moment, you’ve captured it.


6. You know all of the Gator songs and chants by heart.

“We are the boys from old Florida!”

7. Despite how long you’ve been here, you can still easily get lost on campus.

Some things you just can’t help.



8. You have friends from every part of the state.

This means you’re always learning about cities in Florida that you’ve never even heard of.

9. You’ve tried Krishna lunch at least once.

It’s a novelty at UF.

10. The UF vs. FSU rivalry is so real and you love it.

Go Gators, right?


11. You’ve taken at least one trip to explore Paynes Prairie, the springs or some other nearby natural treasures.

We are surrounded by so much outdoor beauty. It’s totally worth seeing.

12. You’ve sadly received a parking ticket, boot, or tow at least once.

Park where you’re supposed to and when you’re supposed to. Trust me.

13. You know where to spend your Friday and Saturday nights.

You learn your favorite places to go in Mid or Downtown and you frequent these places often.


14. You’ve dined at many of the local Gainesville restaurants.

Gainesville is home to multiple restaurants that are little gems in the city.

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15. The buses are a serious struggle.

The routes are confusing, the times are confusing, and the whole thing is just confusing.


16. You avoid the prime times at the on-campus restaurants.

The Tapingo app is now a lifesaver.

17. You discover parts of the new Reitz expansion every day.

“Was this here before?”


18. You try to avoid Turlington when you can.

Game plan: Headphones in, look down, and walk fast. Done.

19. Gainesville isn’t just like any other city to you.

Over your years at UF, Gainesville secures itself a cozy little spot in your heart. Even after you graduate, this charming city will always be a part of you.

20. Your Gator pride doesn’t end when your years at UF do.

Once a Gator, always a Gator.



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