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20 Signs You Go To Temple University

20 Signs You Go To Temple University

When you go to Temple University, you’ll know specific people, places, or signs that only Temple kids know. You’ll definitely know what I mean. Here we go, 20 signs you go to Temple University!

1. You know that off campus housing is much cheaper than on campus housing

Dorms are extremely expensive… especially Morgan Hall. It’s definitely not worth it. You can find a cheaper apartment nearby Temple.

2. You know the truth about campus housing…

If you’ve never been to Temple, but saw those Morgan Hall dorm tours on Youtube, you’ll be disappointed when you get here. Not all dorms look that nice sadly.

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3. You’ve stopped giving money to beggars

If you give them money every time they ask for money, you would beg with them soon.

4. TU Alerts.

You just get them daily. It’s like a good morning and good night text from bae.

5. You know not to walk on Diamond Street alone at night

It’s just not safe. Diamond Street comes up a lot on TU Alerts.

6. The pain of maxing out on your meal plan

Every Sunday night, the line at Stella Ice Cream if full of people about to max out that meal plan.

7. You know not to get a brand new car

You know you shouldn’t drive a good car if you live near Temple. Your brand new car will be all scratched up in a week or so.

8. People never stop walking

People say Philadelphia drivers don’t give a damn. Well, Temple kids don’t give a damn either. They won’t stop walking. You just have to make sure you don’t hit them.

9. Skaters

They’re everywhere. Watching them skate next to cars going 70 miles per hour gives me anxiety.

10. Hippies At Bell Tower

All those writers and artists smoking cigarettes and chilling. You know they’re free spirited.

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11. Zombies at Tech

Especially on Sundays, people are cramming essays and assignments. When they get up, they usually come back with a venti size Starbucks coffee.

12. Tech Starbucks

During the day the line is so ridiculously long it pisses you off. At night, you’re just so grateful for Starbucks.

13. Food Truck

You know Temple’s got great food trucks! They’re so good and cheap.

14. You can spot those Penn State T-shirts from a mile away

Dude, just don’t wear them around Temple.

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15. Temple Squirrels

They’re not cute and tiny. Don’t piss them off, they’ll eat you alive. They’ll fight back. I mean they even have their own instagram account…


16. Fight Song

Fight! Fight! Fight! For the cheery and the white!


17. Richie’s Ice Coffee is life.

You know it’s good. You know it will get you through classes.

18. Narnia

You know exactly what I mean.

19. 7/11 Is Life

Late night 7/11 junk food run is the best part of college.

20. You’re Fearless

You’ve seen so much, you’ve become street smart. You know what to do.

What are more classic signs you go to Temple University? Leave a comment or share this article!
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