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20 Signs You Go To Suffolk University

20 Signs You Go To Suffolk University

If you're a student at Suffolk University then chances are that you can relate to these 20 things! Read on to see how many you relate to!

Every school has its signs that can point out someone attends that university. I went to Suffolk University located in Downtown Boston, there’s definitely a lot of signs to identify an SU student. Whether it’s science students freaking out about labs or people using freshmen’s meal plan money for free shit. Suffolk University students are bold and comedic when it comes to the activities on campus. Here are 20 signs you go to Suffolk University.

1. You’ve Had Freshmen Buy You Lunch With Their Meal Card

Let’s be real, we’ve all taken advantage of a freshmen’s meal plan money! People always made sure they had at least 3 Freshmen in their friend group to get free lunch. The salads at 73 Cafe isn’t cheap! Most importantly people with meal plans had to use ALL their balance because they don’t transfer to the next semester. Shout out to all the Freshmen who saved me money! This is definitely a sign if you went to Suffolk University.

2. International Students Attended Classes Wearing Designer Outfits

Suffolk University is on the list of Best Schools for International Students. You will have friends who are from other countries who tend to wear clothing that cost more than your books and meal plan combined! While you’re struggling to get ready for an 8am, they’re head to toe designer outfit paired with a Canada goose coat!


3. Being Late To Class Because The Elevators Are Slow

If you had classes in the Sawyer building, you either took the stairs to the 8th floor or waited 10 minutes to squeeze yourself onto the elevator. The worst feeling is when you waited in line to see someone get off the 3rd floor when they could’ve taken the stairs. The elevators are so small, you can hear someone breathing behind you. I always took the stairs because I have major claustrophobia.

4. Spending All Your Money On 73 Cafe Salads

People will stand in line and be late to class just to grab a Santa Fe Salad from 73 cafe! If you were nice with the people fixing the salads best believe they filled up your plate! Those salads are not cheap, some people either gets their friend to buy them food or sneak out without paying for their meal. Yes, people have stolen food from the cafeteria and have made it so obvious. This is absolutely a sign you went to Suffolk University.

5. Seeing Couples Hook Up In The Library

Suffolk University students are BOLD! They have hooked up in the most creative areas on campus. There have been plenty of rumors about students hooking up in the study room! If you stayed at the library during night hours, there’s a chance you got a sneak peak of people hooking up in the see through study rooms.


6. Broadcast Students Asking You To Do interviews

Broadcast Journalism Majors will ask you to interview you for potential projects or their internships with a tv station. Depending on who’s interviewed they either stare at the camera or doesn’t provide enough content. It’s a total struggle for broadcast majors because they will ask you for an interview if they messed up the audio levels or the footage is terribly framed.

7. Science Majors Had Panic Attacks About Labs Weekly

Science Majors had to deal with the most stress when it came to school work. Not only did they have to take rigorous courses, they also had to take labs. My science major friends would complain about labs and how annoying they were. Majority of science majors would be happy to get a ‘C’ in a class. For some science majors getting a ‘C’ is equivalent to getting an ‘A’.


8. Skipping Class To Take Pictures At Boston Landmarks

Boston is such a historic city, there are plenty of landmarks to take pictures or just chill around. Some people will skip classes to chill out and finish papers at the common or take pictures at the public garden. This is a sign you went to Suffolk University.

9. The Student Athletes Took Sports Seriously!

Suffolk is a D3 school which means there’s a harder chance for athletes to go pro. The basketball players had dreams of playing for the Celtics and would talk about it in every conversation. They’d also start they’re own league with their friends to play during activities hours. They took it so serious that it ruined some friendships.

10. Taking Shopping And Lunch Trips Between And During Classes

We’ve all been guilty of walking out of class to walk to Dunkin to grab a coffee. I am guilty of walking out of a 3 hour lecture just to go to Sephora and come back! If a student took a long bathroom break, its either they’re meeting up with someone or out shopping. This is another sign that you attended Suffolk University.


11. Having Class In Crazy Snow Storms

Out of all the schools in the Boston area, Suffolk always made sure to make students travel through blizzards and snowstorms to get to classes. Some professors would cancel while others were bold enough to offer extra credit to those who risk to battle the snow. It’s all fun and games once you’re slipping down one of hills at the Commons trying to make it to class!

12. Standing In Line For Cheap Game Tickets

One of the major perks of going to Suffolk were discounted tickets to sports events. Although the events were Boston teams playing against teams they could easily beat. Students still had the opportunity to make memories and brag about their school hook them up with tickets. The only disadvantage was people standing in line for long hours with a chance of the booth running out of tickets.

13. Hunting For Free Food Around Campus

You will attend any club meeting especially if there’s free food. We all know that one person who grabs a plate and runs out the door. The hunt for free food has gotten so bad that clubs let their frequent members grab food first before the randoms.


14. Professors Cancelling Classes Last Minute

This is relatable for any school, but Suffolk professors were bold and petty! Some professors would cancel classes 15 minutes before it began! Imagine being on the Orange Line commuting from Jamaica Plain and about to get off your stop to find out the only class you had that day was cancelled! It’s a waste of time and money but it only depends on their excuse. This is a sign you went to Suffolk University.

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15. Traveling To Other Schools To Find Parties

The lit parties were always at other schools. Its a mission for Suffolk students to find a lit party around the city. You either need friends from neighboring schools like Boston University and MIT. Another option would be sneaking into parties or using fake IDs to get into bars but there’s a huge chance of getting caught. Don’t buy a fake ID, Its illegal!


16. Beacon Hill Residents Giving You Side Eye

The residents of Beacon Hill dislike Suffolk Students, they think we’re loud and take up space in the neighborhood. They’ve made sure plenty of campus events are located in other areas or even ended early due to capacity and noise. If you’re walking around the neighborhood getting to class, expect an old lady or a mother with her nanny pushing a baby stroller giving you dirty looks. This is definitely a sign you went to Suffolk University.

17. Being Stuck In The Elevator With Someone Drenched In Cologne

The worst feeling ever is being on the elevator next to the person who sprayed on too much cologne. There’s absolutely no problem with smelling good, but no one is trying to choke on a Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance! You might smell great but the whole elevator doesn’t need to smell you.

18. Having To Go To MFA For An Assignment

You had to take a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts, it you took an art class. You’d drag all your friends to take the super crowded Green Line (I was the friend who would get off at Prudential just to fuck with their feelings). You’d usually spend 30 minutes to an hour just to take notes on the artwork assigned to you. You only enjoyed this assignment because it was free and had something to do other than sit in class.


19. Scheduling Your Classes For Two Days A Week

Anyone with a 2 day a week class schedule was blessed and stressed. Most people with this schedule had jobs on the side to help pay for school. While others just used the extra free days to sleep or get lit with their friends. Those who used their time wisely had their assignments and papers in on time. The slackers usually had their work in last minute or paid people to do their work. If you’re gonna do a two day classes schedule, you gotta be ready to work your ass off. This is a definitely a sign you went to Suffolk University.

20. Rats

You will see rodents attending school in any major city. There were always rumors about rats crawling in classrooms and cafeterias. There have been moments when mice have ran around rooms to find left over food or candy laying around. Its important to clean up after yourself! Everyone shouldn’t be surprised about there being rodents on campus because they’re usually looking for food or to stay warm from the winter. I will say its funny to see people freak out when they see a mouse or spider!

Are there any other signs that show you went to Suffolk University? Have you experienced or witnessed any of these signs? Comment below and share with your fellow SU students!
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