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20 Signs You Go To Southern Methodist University

20 Signs You Go To Southern Methodist University

When you go to SMU, you’ll know specific people, places, or signs that only Southern Methodist students know. You’ll definitely know what I mean. Here we go, 20 signs you go to Southern Methodist University!

1. You go to Starbucks all the time.

With two Starbucks on campus, there’s no doubt you’re there 24/7.

2. You live in Fondren.

There may be multiple libraries to choose from, but Fondren is everyone’s #1.


3. You never have time to go to Dedman.

Whether you’re in a new dorm and it’s less than a minute to get there, or it’s a mile walk from the other side of campus, you probably don’t have time to go anyway.

4. It seems like you never have downtime.

With endless schoolwork and a tiring social life, you’re always on your toes.

5. You know you have the prettiest campus in the world.

This is probably one of the reasons you chose to go here.



6. You go to OT on Wednesdays.

Enough said.


7. You go to Snider Plaza for everything.

It has just about everything you would need and it’s right across the street.

8. You probably haven’t been to a football game.

You may go to every single Boulevard, but did you know there’s a game afterward?


9. You’re probably out of Flex by now.

You may think at the beginning of the year “$200 flex is a lot” but you’re probably out in about a month.

10. When people suggest you take DART you know better.

Parents think it’s convenient but there’s a reason everyone Ubers.

11. You go to Mac’s when you can’t deal with dining hall food anymore.

Arnold/Umph can only sustain you for so long. It’s cafeteria food and the same thing everyday. That’s where Mac’s comes in.


12. You know not to say “go mustangs.”

Pony up. Always.

13. You’ve been asked what SMU is when you’re outside of Texas.

It’s insane people don’t know by now, but saying “SMU” confuses a lot of people outside of Texas. They must not be basketball fans.


14. You know what times to park if you have your car.

There are times you know you could get lucky with a first floor spot and there are times when you just know you’re going to end up on the 5th floor. You tend to know what to expect when you get back to campus.

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15. You wish Flex worked at off campus vendors.

With the proximity of so many stores and restaurants to SMU, you’d think they’d make it easier on you.


16. You either walk to classes in the burning hot or freezing cold.

Texas has the most unpredictable weather. It’s either 108 or 25 and usually will switch of between the two throughout the week. Good luck trying to figure out which one.


17. You don’t have to go anywhere more than 15 minutes away.

The Dallas metroplex is so developed that you don’t even need to drive to downtown to get anything. Other neighborhoods are fun to go to, but you don’t absolutely need to for anything you don’t have here.

18. You know it actually gets cold.

While it may not get below 10 degrees outside, you know it gets cold and it’s not fun. People don’t usually expect it, but when you’re used to heat stroke everyday, the cold is pretty shocking.


19. If you haven’t ridden the mechanical bull at Trophy, you’ve thought about it.

You’ve seen plenty Snap stories of people riding the bull, and you might say you never will, but you’ve imagined.

20. You’ve racked up a ton of costs from Ubers alone.

Like I said earlier, everyone Ubers which only calls for plenty of bills to come.

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