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20 Signs You Go To SDSU

20 Signs You Go To SDSU


San Diego State University is one of the most notable schools in all of California. There are a number of tell-tale signs that you can use to spot an SDSU student from a mile away. Keep reading for 20 signs you go to SDSU!

1. The “Fat Kid” meal plan.

When you’re a freshman meal plan is required, and the mac daddy of all meal plans is what is known as the “fat kid.” These kids come in all shapes and sizes so you need to keep an eye out for them. With their almost infinite number of swipes and cash, befriending a “fat kid” will save you upper class-men living off your last dollar.

2. Cuic Dining Hall

Nothing is better than rolling through what was previously known as the Cuic Dining Hall hungover and getting a fat omelet from omelet bar. This is where the “fat kid” comes in, and saves the day. Even though it’s called “The Garden” now, it will always be Cuic in our hearts.


3. Having to cross the bridge daily.

In order to cross from one side of campus to the other, you have to cross the infamous bridge. Facing the bridge can seem like an almost impossible task when it becomes crowded with the mid-day rush, and although it only takes about two minutes to actually cross, eyeing it from down the sidewalk always makes you groan.

4. Hepner Hall!

And as we’re talking of notable landmarks of SDSU, you don’t really go to SDSU unless you’ve posted a picture in front of Hepner Hall. From the school tour before you registered to the sorority photo shoots, you’re sure to have a pic of the notable landmark.

5. Bring it On was filmed at Hepner.

Speaking of Hepner Hall, if you learned anything from the campus tour it was that one of the scenes in Bring It On was filmed in our beautiful Hall. And making sure to let all your friends know of this fun fact is definitely one of the signs you go to SDSU.



6. Relaxing at the koi pond.

One of the most relaxing spots in all of campus is the koi pond. You can always find people lounging around, playing music, and de stressing from their hectic week of studying and raging. People have even been known to steal the turtles from the pond and bring them home, but don’t be that person, you don’t want that to be one of the signs you go to SDSU!

7. The Lib

There’s a lot of lingo that is used by Californians, but for SDSU “lib” is one of the most commonly used. Lib is short for library, and is always completely packed because when we’re not busy raging, we’re in the lib grinding out.


8. Starbs!

Now this one may be more of ways to spot a white girl than SDSU, but if you’re not feeling like walking to the lib, Starbucks is the next hottest spot. Speaking of which, if you didn’t already know, Starbucks IS on meal plan (you’re welcome freshmen). But nothing is worse than standing in the huge line that’s always seems to be there no matter what time of day. What can we say, we need that caffeine to keep us going.

9. Night life!

Moving on from the day time activities of an SDSU student, you know you’re from SDSU when you can go out any day of the week. I mean, who can pass up Taco Tuesday or Wine Wednesday?

10. Wine Wednesday

If I’m going to mention Wine Wednesday, I think I need to dedicate an entire point to it. I feel bad for you if you have an 8am on Thursday, because Wine Wednesday is a staple in your week. No better way to get over hump day than a good slap the bag!


11. Long weekends when you don’t have class on Fridays.

For most people, the weekend starts Thursday night. It seems to be the most happenin’ night of the week since the majority of people don’t have classes on Friday. If you’re lucky enough to not have Monday classes either, you live the SDSU dream!

12. Party hopping!

Going out at SDSU can sometimes seem like a task more than a fun activity. Since EVERY night you can find a party EVERYWHERE, you can go out with an entire checklist of places to hit up.

13. Rockford, Mary Lane, and Dorthy

One of the key signs you go to SDSU is if you know the significance of these names. To the average person these may seem like names out of a children’s book, but to an SDSU student, these are three of the most well-known streets for house parties. Stroll these streets at any time of the night or early morning and you are sure to find mobs of girls in crop tops and high waisted jean shorts making their way to and from a long night out.


14. The line at parties.

Sometimes going out to a frat party at SDSU can seem like you’re going to Disney World, with long lines of girls waiting to get in. Don’t be those girls. This can be easily avoided by getting to the party early or having a friend there to let you in.

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15. “Who do you know here?”

We’ve all heard it, the infamous “who do you know here” line used to weed out the girls and guys who enter a party. If you go to SDSU you’ve probably heard some of the more creative variations as well such as, “what sorority/frat are you in,” “do you have a group me,” and the all so well-known “are you on the list.”



16. Getting hot and sweaty.

Because of the ridiculously overwhelming number of people always down to rage, parties tend to be pretty hot. You go in looking like a perfectly painted porcelain doll and walk out looking like the bride of Chucky. SDSU parties are notable hot and sweaty so don’t feel alone when you’re in the bathroom blotting off sweat with a scrap of toilet paper you picked off the floor…

17. Drunchies!

But of course there comes a point when you can no longer rage, and you’re ready to go home. But at SDSU, going home is not the move post-rage, you have to replenish the thousand calories you burned at the sweaty party with a good ol’ burrito. It’s only logical as one of the standard signs you go to SDSU.


18. Panchos vs. Trujillos

Now that you’re out of the party and out on the streets you are faced with the most important decision of your life, panchos or trujillos. Choosing a side is much like choosing coke vs pepsi, and can guide the ending to your night. Fighting to go to either is one of the true signs you go to SDSU. And don’t worry if you “forgot” your credit card, because there’s always someone in the group you can regretfully venom for your nighttime binge.

19. Sneaking back in to your dorm.

Now that you’ve had a wild night, it’s time to go back home. If you’re a freshman at SDSU you know the struggle of trying to get past the front desk without seeming on another level, flashing your red ID you prayed you wouldn’t lose and walking in straight faced. For the rest of us, we all have that one roommate who will be on one for coming in at three in the morning banging in to things and turning on the lights, so we have to struggle to keep it cool and make it in to out room safely and quietly.

20. Aztec is family!

But on top of it all, going to SDSU makes you an Aztec for life. No matter where you go, you are bound to run in to someone repping their Aztec pride, all ages and backgrounds. Going to SDSU makes you part of a huge family you will always have. Once an Aztec, always an Aztec!

Aztec pride is one of the most important signs you go to SDSU!


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