10 Signs You Go To School In NYC

Going to school, specifically in Manhattan, is incredibly different than going to a large university. Students in NYC tend to be more focused and driven. With little campus life, schools in NYC are mostly full of commuters which makes it difficult to make life-long college friends. Here are 10 signs you go to school in NYC!

1. Frat parties are basically non-existent!

Unless you go to NYU or Columbia, Greek life is not a priority at schools in NYC. There are no “houses” to host the members nor is there a priority to party, when you’re so focused on your future!

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2. You can barely afford your groceries

Living in NYC is so expensive! You know the struggle of barely being able to buy the groceries you need because everything is so expensive! You know you’re being scammed when they try charging you $8 for a box of cereal! This is one of the biggest signs you go to school in NYC.

3. The commute to class is a struggle

Even if you live in an on-campus dorm, it could be a trek to class everyday either by walking or by subway! Plus the extra cost and time is super inconvenient when you just want to jump out of bed and go straight to class!

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4. The NYC culture forces you to have your life together!

Going to college in NYC is an entirely different experience. The busy workaholic environment of NYC really motivates you to have yourself and your goals figured out because you won’t make it in this city if you don’t!

5. Making friends is a struggle!

Most schools in the city are full of commuter students so it’s hard to make friends when everyone is coming and going! A lot of my friends are commuters, from Long Island, New Jersey and Staten Island! It can be hard to set time aside to see everybody when we’re all so busy and live so far from each other!

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6. There is little to no campus life!

Again, since most people commute, no one really hangs out on campus! Students usually have their heads in their laptops or phones, so they don’t usually socialize with other students. Everyone just wants to get their work done and leave so they can go to work, go to their internship, or go home!

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7. You never know what you’re going to run into!

The city is full of so many unexpected things, including some not so glamorous things! Crazy people yelling for no reason and creepy cat-callers really make every day in NYC unexpected and it causes you to grow up a lot faster. This is one of those telling signs yuo go to school in NYC.

8. Going out takes savings!

Going out near “normal” universities is so much easier and less expensive! At schools outside of NYC, you can go to the local bar and get a beer for $1 on some nights! Going out in Manhattan is a struggle when even during happy hour a beer can be anywhere from $5-$8! This is a major one of the signs you go to school in NYC. Life gets expensive!

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9. Almost getting hit by a bike every day!

CitiBike is a popular means of transportation in NYC, where you can rent a bike from any of their street locations and return it later. During the morning commute, there are tons of bikes on the road. Even though there are designated bike lines and stoplights, bikers often are in a hurry to get to work and don’t wait for pedestrians!

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10. You are grateful for the experience the city gives you!

You are forced to grow up very quickly and it makes you work harder to be the best you can be. It’s a given you learn self-discipline, self-worth and overall life experience more than if you were at a “normal college.” You’ll realize a lot about yourself and your abilities to make it in the big city!

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