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20 Signs You Go To Santa Clara University

20 Signs You Go To Santa Clara University

20 Signs You Go To Santa Clara University

In college, it becomes easy to pick up habits that are relative to your university. Here are 20 signs you go to Santa Clara University.

1. You start calling school “sckew” because it sounds like SCU

2. You call the red light at the top of Swig Santa Clara’s Northern Star because it always guides you home after nights out

3. You make too many puns about things being “Jesu-lit”

4. You learned too soon to not get your hopes up about the Acai bowl machine working on any given day


5. Sushi Tuesdays are what get you through the week… until you are so low on meal points at the end of the quarter that sushi is a luxury you can’t afford


6. Speaking of meal points, you know what it’s like to watch them go down the drain every time you ask for avocado on the side and Benson charges you like 100X what they should actually cost

7. You might own more clothes for themed parties than regular clothes

8. The library is strictly referred to as “The Lib”


9. None of your friends from home know what you’re talking about when you tell them you went to a “date and a fifth”

10. You know its a “darty” not a “dage” and definitely not a “day fade”

11. Ice looges are your shit

12. You’ve learned to sprint when a treadmill opens up at the gym because an open treadmill is #rareaf

13. You wave to at least 3 or 4 people you know anywhere you go

14. You have a work hard, play harder mentality

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15. Late night Bronco is a MUST


16. And, you’ve become a skilled thief when it comes to mozzarella sticks


17. You freak out when it actually rains bc, isn’t this California? Isn’t it sunny & 75 always??

18. Two weeks into Winter Break you’re dying to be back at SCU

19. You’ve been that person that wakes everyone up by yelling “WAKE UP SWIGGG!!”

20. You love Claradise

What are some other signs you go to Santa Clara University? Share in the comments below!
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