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20 Signs You Go To Providence College

20 Signs You Go To Providence College

Providence College provides students with a really unique expereince. As such, there are just some things you can only understand as a PC student.

Like all colleges that are scattered across the nation, there are certain aspects about Providence College that only students truly understand, which spawns an array of inside jokes about the school. Ultimately, this fosters a sense of community and belonging among students.

Here at PC, we have squirrels that run wayward across campus, buildings with unpronounceable names such as Slavin and Ruane, a mandatory two year Development of Western Civilization program, a nightmare inducing mascot, and an unwritten dress code that consists of either PC gear or Vineyard Vines. See for yourself if you are truly part of the Friar Family!

1. You sprint to either Dunkin or Starbucks 5 minutes before class.

Depending on your location on campus, you make a mandatory pit stop at the Dunkin in Slavin, or the Starbucks at Ruane before class. And you have been guilty of being a few minutes late to class just for this very reason.

2. Your PC Prints Balance is either left untouched, or the well runs dry. There is no in-between.

This varies based on the classes you are taking, but your PC Prints balance is either a bottomless pit, or you are down to the very last penny by the second week into the semester. The latter can be blamed on professors who have a no-computer-in-class policy but expects you to print out 50+ pages of reading for each class.

3. You become very territorial during finals week

You will constantly see people leave all their belongings at a designated spot in the library so nobody takes it.

20 Signs You Go To Providence College

4. You go on morning pilgrimages to LaSalle Bakery.

20 Signs You Go To Providence College

5. You know how to correctly pronounce “Slavin.”

20 Signs You Go To Providence College
6. You have made a possibly non-sober phone call to Big Tony’s Pizza at 1:30 am.

Or Lil Wok.

7. You get up extra early for no reason during course registration.

We have all been there. We wake up super early to allot the appropriate amount of time to prepare for course registration at 7:30 am, only to have Cyberfriar crash at approximately 7:30:01 am. And the class you want or desperately need in order to squash a requirement, is completely full.

8. You are guilty of downloading the PC app just to stalk the Dunkin Cam.

No matter what, there is no line when you first look at it but 10 seconds later, 20 people magically materialize.

9. You bought a Lily Pulitzer dress specifically for golf party.

It has been practically established as the dress code.

20 Signs You Go To Providence College

10. “Bus is turning.”

This needs no further explanation.

20 Signs You Go To Providence College

11. You can identify the people who wear the white blazers.

They are as omnipresent on campus as the squirrels.

20 Signs You Go To Providence College

12. You look so young, so innocent, so less jaded in your PC photo ID.

And your forbid anyone from ever getting a glance at it.

13. You are proud by the fact that Friar Dom has been voted the most creepiest college mascot in the nation.

And this is the only trivia about Providence College you know.

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20 Signs You Go To Providence College

14. You have never seen anyone ever walk on the grass. EVER.

20 Signs You Go To Providence College
15. You felt so relieved when you were finally done with Western Civ after two agonizing years that you literally catharically screamed it out

Or you were part of the 5% that wept in sorrow.

16. You have become immune to the squirrels on campus.

The squirrels all share a strange love for jumping out of trash cans, or randomly darting out across your feet while you walk to class.

17. The unofficial school uniform rotates between Vineyard Vines and PC gear.

Patagonia vests can be thrown into the mix as well.

20 Signs You Go To Providence College

18. You have waited impatiently for the email saying that “your package is ready to be picked up”

Only to get said email 15 minutes before the mailroom closes, and you are resorted to standing in a line that can reach the moon and back.

19. You have eventually at one point during your college career, whether or not it was during freshman orientation or senior week, took a picture of this building for Instagram’s sake.

20 Signs You Go To Providence College

20. You have that reassuring feeling that long after you graduate, and catapulted into the harsh realities of the real world, you will always be a Friar.

Providence College (PC) is a private, Roman Catholic university located in Providence, RI. Founded in 1917, Providence College currently has an enrollment of approximately 4000 undergraduate students and 700 graduate students. It is also the only college in the nation that is administered by Dominican Friars.

What do you think are some signs you went to Providence College? Tell us in the comments!
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