20 Signs You Go To Ohio University

Every college has things that only their students will understand. Here are sure tell signs you go to Ohio University and are a Bobcat!

Every college definitely has its perks. While you want to brag to the world about how great your school is, there are some things that only Bobcats can relate to – that’s where this list comes in. Here are 20 signs you go to Ohio University.

You know you go to Ohio University when

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1. You beg freshman to swipe you into the dining hall

Most schools complain about having to eat dining hall food, but not OU students. Eating Shively pizza or Nelson breakfast makes you feel so nostalgic that you almost wish you lived on dirty south again.

2. You consider bar popcorn “dinner”

Sometimes, you have to make best with what you’ve got. OU students can’t deny that they’ve relied on Pawpurrs or Crystal popcorn as their source of food for the night at one point.


3. You’ve gone to Fun Barn as a night out

Not only is Fun Barn college budget-friendly, it’s also the best way to spend a chill night with friends. Whether you’re catching a movie or playing arcade games, this is definitely a staple for OU students.

4. You buy random clothes because they’d be good for fests

How dare someone say you’ll never wear that ‘80s windbreaker and Winnie the Pooh fanny pack. When it comes to fest season attire, the only rule is that there are no rules.

5. You’ve asked bars if they take flex points

If you could change anything about your meal plan, it would be that your flex points are applicable anywhere you go. Yes, I do want to buy 3 pints of Jeni’s ice cream at the end of the week with my leftover flex but I would also like to spend those swipes on vegas bombs at Courtside, please and thank you.

6. You’ve waited outside of Baker as a freshman for the go bus

There is nothing worse than having to drag three bags of luggage across campus just to get on a bus with no Wi-Fi for two hours, but hey, we all have to pay our dues somehow.

7. You’ve gone to Shively on Tuesdays for the nuggets

If there is one thing OU students can all agree on, it’s that Shively has the best chicken nuggets. You truly feel a sense of community when you’re waiting in a long line outside of Shively knowing you’re all there for the same reason.

8. You’ve shown up to your 9 a.m. class with bar stamps on your hand

As if sweatpants and the smell of liquor pitchers radiating from your body isn’t enough, you might as well give it your all and throw in a Crystal stamp clear as day on your hand. Yes, I’m hungover right now. Judge me.

9. As a girl, you only have two places on campus to shop for clothes

I mean honestly, what would your wardrobe look like without Bluetique and Figleaf? Whether you’re looking for a date party dress or new heels for an interview, these stores have got you covered.

10. You add ‘OU’ to every word you can just to live the stereotype

“OUh my gOUsh I cannOUt wait to gOU hOUme after break!” This drives people crazy and you couldn’t love it any more if you tried.

11. You’ve thought up every possible way to avoid Jeff or Morton Hill

Listen other schools, we need to have a talk. I’m sure your 15-minute walk to class sucks, but you do not know what a calf workout is until you’re lugging a 10-pound backpack up Jeff Hill three times a day. The hills keep you thin, right?

12. You turn everything into a fest

School’s closed due to three feet of snow? I’ll drink to that. City water main break? H2-NO fest, here I come. Athens truly knows how to celebrate the little things.

While we’re talking about fests
13. You’ve pre-gamed at 8 a.m.

When we say day party, we mean business. If you’re not feeling it by 10 a.m., then what’s the point? Do you even fest bro?

14. Halloween is your favorite holiday

October in Athens feels like Christmas to students. Not only is it acceptable to dress up as a hotdog, but this is when all of your friends from high school are wishing they were in your shoes. Bobcat perks, am I right?

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15. You have a million different food places to choose from

The freshman 15 is so real. Court Street offers students such a large variety, it’s impossible to choose. Between Ginger, Souvlakis and about 10 different pizza shops, decisions have never been harder. Food shuffle, anyone?

16. You have to drive 45 minutes to get anywhere

While Athens is the best bubble one could ever live in, we all know the pain of having to take a road trip to satisfy your Skyline craving.

17. Jenny Hall-Jones feels like your school mom

Oh Jenny Hall-Jones (whom we can’t call by just her first name because it doesn’t seem right), what would we do without you? Thank you for creepily teaching us the importance of consent at Bobcat Student Orientation. It was truly an honor.

18. You roll your eyes whenever someone says you go to a party school

While Ohio University students definitely know how to have fun, we’re not just here to party. We work hard for our education and want to be taken seriously… Then go get a vodka soda. Work hard play harder.

19. Your idea of stress relief is going to Petland to play with dogs

School gets the best of us all at times. There’s nothing wrong with turning to animals for comfort. What do you mean the puppies are on rest break? It’s finals week and they have an obligation to make me feel good about myself again.

20. You’ve strongly considered doing a fifth year because you’re not ready to leave

There is something so special about being a Bobcat. While we’re all excited (terrified) to begin our futures in the real world, four years in Athens just isn’t enough time to soak up all that Ohio University has to offer.

Take it all in while you can because it’s going to pass you by before you know it. No matter what, we’ll always be Bobcats for life.

Do you have any other signs you go to Ohio university to add to the list?! Share in the comments below!

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