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19 Signs You Go To Northern Kentucky University

19 Signs You Go To Northern Kentucky University


When you go to NKU, you’ll know specific people, places, or signs that only Northern Kentucky students know. You’ll definitely know what I mean. Here we go, 20 signs you go to Northern Kentucky University!

1. You’re willing to wait in the new Steak & Shake’s line

Chicken Tenders. Burgers. Fries. Brand new.


2. … And Al Dente

Noodles and your toppings. Heaven in a Student Union.

3. Taking a shuttle to campus on the daily

…. And hoping the shuttle is in time. East Village Probs.


4. Everyone LOVES Mary Pat

5. Waking up to construction.



6. Making a weekly stop at Starbucks or Einstein’s.

Bagels. Coffee. Do I need to say more?

7. BB&T Arena visit(s).

As a student at NKU, you’ve been to the BB&T arena at least once- convocation. Some people have gone to many more events suchas basketball games, Amy Schumer, the circus, and plenty of bands. And most people go to the games just to try and be the lucky one to get a prize at halftime (Skyline or cash).


8. It’s always windy.

This is worst out of all the signs you go to Northern Kentucky University. NKU is the worst school for the winter and girl’s hair. Trust me, we all love the breeze when it’s hot, but not being knocked over trying to get to Landrum.


9. It’s either Taco Bell or Chipotle on the weekends.

Unless you think breakfast Saturday will hold you over, you’re screwed. On that note, you’re bound to spend money. Spend it wisely.

10. You’re guaranteed one professor that’s monotone per semester.

Lets be real. We all have at least one class where you feel like you’ll fall asleep in. It may be due to early times, the professor or a combination of both.


11. Professor’s that won’t use Blackboard.

The one piece of paper majority people lose is the syllabus. The best part is when it’s the syllabus for the class your professor doesn’t use Blackboard for!!!


12. “You’re going to love NKU.”

You know this song down to the core. You hear the tune and bam, it’s in your head the rest of the day.


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13. Having to hike from MEP to Landrum.

You feel like SpongeBob trying to deliver the pizza.


14. You sit by the lake.

Calming. Beautiful. Mainly go hoping to see fish and turtles.

15. Having nothing to do on weekends.

If you live on campus, you realize how many commuters actually go to Northern Kentucky, and how boring your weekends will be.



17. You’ve taken at least one picture of a sunset.

18. You’ve gone downtown at least once.

Because hey, if there’s nothing to do on the weekend, why not drive 10 minutes to the nati?


19. Having Kroger carts outside your building.

#Eastvillageprobs not wanting to carry your groceries but feeling bad taking carts across the street.


I hope you enjoyed these signs you go to Northern Kentucky University! Comment below if you have any more.
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