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20 Signs You Go To Michigan State University

20 Signs You Go To Michigan State University

Michigan State University comes with a lot of signs of being a student there. Here is a list of 20 of those signs that point you out.

There are clear signs you go to Michigan State University. From the red cedar river all the way to grand river the amount of Michigan State swag you can get is endless. However, besides the outstanding game day apparel, here are 20 signs you go to Michigan State University.

1. Your wardrobe is decked out in green and white

You sport that Michigan State spirit every morning, afternoon, and night. Shirts, sweatpants, and sometimes even your socks are decked out in the Spartan green and white. This is just one of the many signs you got to Michigan State University.

2. At least half of your photos on your phone consist of posing with Sparty

It was love at first sight when you first were within 15 feet of the Michigan State hero. When he finally put those arms around you for the photo your pretty sure you died.


3. Your convinced Michigan State invented St. Patrick’s Day

Why wouldn’t we when we have a shirt that literally says Kiss me, I’m a Spartan.

4. Whenever you hear “Go Green” you automatically respond “Go White”

You learned this statement freshman year, and haven’t forgot it since. You’ll only know this sign if you go to Michigan State University.

5. Every school is better then Michigan to you

We don’t rock with that blue and yellow.


6. Cottage Inn wasn’t just a pizza place it was a right of passage

If you didn’t stumble into Cottage Inn at 1 am after a massive party, and get their cheesy goodness pizza did you really go to state?

7. You have at least bounced from four different tailgates during football season

Football wasn’t just for enjoying the sport it was also about the early morning rising and tailgating. With Michigan State being a huge school, you would be lying if you didn’t end up at some stranger’s house, dancing on a table on their lawn.

8. The Spartan App was your best friend

When you first got onto campus it was like a mad house, you didn’t know which direction to take. This app helped finding class so much easier, but you still set that an early alarm just in case.


9. You have at least seen the Wells Preacher at least five times during the year

This guy will even hand you his mini bibles as he goes on about the world ending.

10. The Diary Store is a place you wont admit you’ve been to at least a hundred times

They have good ice cream okay? Who could blame you.

11. You have at least taken 20 pictures of the red cedar river during the fall time

The red cedar river surrounded by yellow and orange leaves would make anyone stop and take a photo.


12. You have a jersey dedicated to Rama

Once it hits Thursday, its game time. You get out that jersey, and make your way to that 9 am line all for the sake of Rama.

13. Ricks has been your home at least one time during the year

People either love or hate this place, but for me it’ll always be home. With special deals, and good music this place will always have a place in our college hearts.

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14. Lights, Camera, Karaoke

Gathering your friends, you have made your way to the legendary Crunchies bar for one thing. Karaoke. So get out them energy drinks because its goanna be a long night.

15. Getting a photo with the Sparty Statue

Every graduating senior has it on their bucket list to pose with the majestic statue.

16. Conrads was the first stop of the night

Mac’n ‘Cheese bites need I say more? This is just one of the many signs that you go to Michigan State University.


17. Getting season football tickets was like winning the Olympics

With everyone wanting tickets to see the games, it’s a miracle if you end up with season passes at all.

18. Club lib was the go to move for studying

Getting some snacks, you made your way to grind out those six needed hours before exam day.

19. The snowy months couldn’t keep you from class

Unfortunately, it couldn’t keep professors from having class either.


20. Your heart will always bleed green and white

This school became a second home for you, and you’ll always be thankful of the memoires you made here.

With 20 signs showing you go to Michigan State University, you wouldn’t have it any other way.
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