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20 Signs You Go To Miami University That Will Give You All The Feels

Miami University definitely has a lot of stereotypes. Everyone is rich. Everyone is preppy. Everyone is a raging alcoholic frat star. Supposedly. These generalizations about the student body may not be true, but these signs are! Take a look at these signs you go to Miami University!

1. You know the Greek alphabet

If you go to Miami University it probably feels like everyone and their mom is in Greek life. Everywhere you look you see someone repping their letters or throwing what they know.

2. Turtles are a sign of good luck

Every student at Miami has rubbed the turtle heads on the sundial at least once! It’s the only way to reverse the curse of stepping on the seal and it may even bring you some good luck on your next exam.

3. Bagels aren’t just a breakfast food

Bagel and Deli is good for every meal of the day. A Crunch ‘n’ Much can be enjoyed at 9 a.m. as well as at 3 a.m. drunk a drunk snack on the way home from Uptown.

4. You like hockey more than football

Even though Miami’s football team is getting better, our hearts will always lie with the Brotherhood. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of yelling “Sieve!” at the opposing team’s goalie as a crowd.

5. You know the house by the name, not the street

I may not know where Collins St is, but I sure as heck know where Hut Hut is!

6. You look down before you step

The biggest fear of Miami students is accidentally stepping on the seal. Everyone knows that if you do, you’ll fail your next exam! The only way to reverse the curse is to sprint across campus immediately to rub the turtle heads on the sundial.

7. You think green beer tastes better

The most important day of the year is Green Beer Day. Maybe green beer does taste better, or maybe you’re just too tired from waking up at 2 a.m. to party to realize any better.

8. You’ve had your fair share of practice with a broom

America’s favorite pastime – broomball – was founded at Miami University. It’s field hockey on ice and everyone at Miami has created a broomball team with their friends at least once! Maybe you’ve even played against President Crawford in the annual championship.

9. Partying is a sport

Work hard, play harder. This is a motto that Miami students live by. It’s not uncommon to see someone studying at King until 1:30 a.m. just to make it to Brick for final call.

10. You give everything a nickname

Because why would you ever call a bar by it’s real name? That’d be too difficult. Instead of The Wood’s by its name, we call it “New”. Instead of Paccinko’s we call it “Chanks”. We used to call 45 “Pitchers” but RIP.

11. You know your place at the rec

If you’re on the top floor you’re probably a cardio bunny. And if you’re on the bottom you’re probably a meathead. Only very few people dare to break these unsaid rules. This is yet another on of the signs you go to Miami University!

12. And at King

The basement is for casual studying where you’re not actually studying. The first floor is for when you need to get work done but it’s okay if someone interrupts you. The second floor is when you really need to crank out some work. The third floor is for crazy people.

13. You’ve gotten lost looking for a building

All the buildings at Miami look the same – three-story red brick. Academic quad is basically a maze. If you can make it to your first day of classes without a nervous breakdown then you’re stronger than me.

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14. You never take Friday classes

Thursday nights are just as wild as the weekend. That’s why it’s basically unheard of to take Friday classes. It’s gotten to the point where it’s actually difficult to find a class that’s offered on Fridays! This is definitely one of the signs you go to Miami University!

15. You love the bubble

Miami might just be a tiny city in the middle of a cornfield, but that’s why we love it! There’s no need to ever leave the city limits! This is one of the true signs you go to Miami University!

16. You have a jersey specifically for Saturday afternoons

When you walk into Brick on a Saturday at 2 p.m., it’s a sea of jerseys and $2 pitchers as far as the eye can see. It’s almost as if Miami has a cloning machine and made 100 Lebron clones.

17. You avoid the arch when on the way to hook up with someone new

Legend has it that if you kiss your love under the arch at midnight, you’re destined to be together forever. But for college kids, that’s more of a nightmare. That’s why if you’re walking home from Brick with someone new, it’s best to avoid Upham at all costs. Just in case!

18. You pity everyone on western

“Where do you live?” It’s such a common question on any campus. But only at Miami is there a wrong answer. Western. You might as well go to a completely different school if you live in Peabody!

19. You know that trashcans aren’t just garbage

Trashcans are the most popular drinks on campus. These $10 tubs of alcohol and red bull may taste delicious, but they definitely will make you feel like garbage the next morning.

20. It’s the same walking distance to class as it is to the bar

The great thing about Miami’s campus is that nothing is more than a 10-minute walk away. It’s even better when that applies to going Uptown for a beer tower at Skipper’s!

Which of these signs you go to Miami University do you relate to? Let us know in the comments.

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