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20 Signs You Go To Marist

20 Signs You Go To Marist

20 Signs You Go To Marist

Hello! If you are reading this article you have probably went to, or are attending Marist College. However if you are like me towards the end of my senior year in high school, you are probably reading this and figuring out or day dreaming about this school. Well whether you are looking for a walk down memory lane, or looking to create new memories, you have probably or will experience these things. Here are 20 Signs you go to Marist!

1. You have Marist Sunsets on your Instagram.

Let’s face it, if you’re an alum or current student, you’ve got ’em. There’s no shame in showing off your school, especially when it’s this beautiful. I mean who can blame you?


2. Welcome Week/Move-In Day

Every school has their traditions for the first week of school. The first day is move-in day where upperclassmen help freshmen move into their dorms. Move in day is stressful (and very hot, its still summer!) so upperclassmen help freshmen move into their dorms. The week following is welcome week where you participate in several activities on campus. From outdoor movies to fireworks over the Hudson, welcome week is so much fun!

3. You’ve Been to a Broadway Show.

That’s something else that has probably popped up on your Instagram. Being so close to the city Marist Spc offers trips to a Broadway show. For $25 you get a ticket and transportation is included. The shows range from Lion King to Book of Mormon so they are pretty good. In addition you get some time to explore the city.


4. Sodexo…

Need I say more?


5. You’ve been to Marist Beach.

What beach means to others: A place by the ocean with a lot of sand.


What beach means to Marist students: A beautiful area to hang out with your friends.

6. You’ve seen plenty of animals at Marist.

From tease to groundhogs, is there any reason why they wouldn’t want to hang out here?


7. You’ve walked to Fontaine.

*Especially from your freshman dorm*. Farthest. Walk. Ever.

8. Especially at 8 a.m.


9. You’ve survived registration week.

They’re basically the Hunger Games.


10. You’ve dealt with Foxmail.

Slowest. Email. Ever.

11. Speaking of emails, you’ve definitely gotten an email from Deborah DiCaprio.

She is the one who will keep you up to date on everything you need to know on campus. And we’re grateful for it!


 12. Went for a walk by the river.

On a nice warm day, you will either find students at the Marist beach or down by the river.

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13. You know going to the McCann Gym is kind of intimidating.

There are three types of people who go to the gym: 1. Sports Teams 2. People who were on sports teams and know what they’re doing 3. People who are brave.

14. You can who lives in Champ from everyone else.

They usually don’t have jackets and boots, they are usually in t-shirts and flip flops.



15. You might not exactly sure who Lowell Thomas is.

Even though his name is on our Communications Building, you are not exactly sure who he is.

16. You automatically trust lines in the Cafe.

You might not be sure what the food is, but you know if there is a line for it it’s got to be good.

17. You have walked to Rite Aid.

Yup we’ve all been there.


18. Fire drills in freshmen dorms.

It comes with living in a dorm. Between having fire drills set up to people burning popcorn and easy mac, its easy to find yourself stuck in the cold due to a fire alarm going off. BONUS if you have two fire drills in one night. (This actually happened. The firemen basically had to turn around and come back.)

19. You know Marist isn’t perfect…

20. But you will love it no matter what!

Marist is a great school! You know you have made the right choice in going to Marist because you love it here! And if you are deciding which schools to go to, you can’t go wrong with Marist!

Are there any other classic signs you go to Marist? Comment below!
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