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20 Signs You Go To Loyola University Maryland

20 Signs You Go To Loyola University Maryland


When you go to Loyola University Maryland, you’ll know specific people, places, or signs that only Loyola Maryland students know. You’ll definitely know what I mean. Here we go, 20 signs you go to Loyola University Maryland!

1. You bleed green and gray.



2. You can’t wait to be done with the core.

Being in a liberal arts school on top of being a Jesuit school means a large amount of require classes including Theology *sigh*

3. There will always be more open seats in the library than at Starbucks.

When you don’t live on hillside of campus it’s such a hike to get to the library. So the next best place to study or do homework is right next to Starbucks of course so you can easily get your caffeine fix.

4. You’ve taken the typical Humanities building picture and posted it on Instagram.

The iconic Humanities buildings is one place on campus that the school is recognized by and how could you not take the perfect insta picture of it especially during the Fall.


5. Rally in the Alley!

Possibly 4 of the best days of the year for a majority of students since it’s an acceptable excuse to day drink not to mention all the drinks you have included in the admission price.



6. Walking to the FAC counts as a workout in it’s self.

Not having the gym on main campus is such a hassle and everyone says that they would go to the FAC more often if it was closer but we all know that’s a lie.

7. You can’t wait for the spring because it marks the beginning of LAX season.

Since football season is ~non existent~ here we all have to wait till the spring to go to tailgates and watch one of our best teams on campus play.


8. Boulder > Iggys

There is nothing to explain here, Boulder will always be better than iggys no matter what anyone else says.

9. Mobile print never works when you need it to.

In theory mobile print is such a good idea and should make printing the 20 pages you need for class super easy except that it literally never works especially when you have class in 5 minutes and haven’t printed the paper you have due for it.


10. Uber is your life.

Uber it literally the only way you can get around Baltimore night and day since you most likely should not be walking on the streets of the city.

11. Thirsty Thursdays at Power plant.

College night at power plant is the most LIT night of each month, you basically see every one you know really drunk and all in one place, it’s great.


12. Taking day trips to D.C. since you’er only a short train ride away.

D.C. has so much to do and has such great places to eat so that whenever you want to head down for the day it’s possible and isn’t even that expense.

13. Dealing with the temperamental weather of Maryland.

For someone who is not from the area its’s hard to adjust to a place where one week it will be 70 degrees out and the next it will be 50 degrees.

14. Being excited for senior housing.

Seeing that we have some of the best housing on the Northeast coast, not many people opt to live off campus in their senior year because of how nice the senior townhouses are.


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15. Considering Baltimore as your second home.

Baltimore has a bad reputation and many people think that its an un-safe place to live in. But being here we all know that Baltimore and the surrounding area has so much to offer and actually is a pretty *charming* city.



16. Calling campus escort when you don’t want to walk across campus.

To walk from one side of campus to the other most likely takes 15 minutes at most but sometimes you’er really not feeling that walk back to your dorm especially in the winter so calling escort is complete acceptable.


17. Tapingo is the best thing to happen to you and your on campus food needs.

Ordering food right after class and having it ready when you go to pick it up is the best especially since you can order Starbucks on the app and avoid the long line that always forms in-between classes.

18. Stokos and Insomnia cookies are the only places to order from when coming back from going out on the weekends.

Coming back from a night out, you are mostly likely going to be hella hungry and everyone knows the only place to order from that late at night is from Insomnia cookies or from Stokos for the best mozzarella sticks ever.


19. Messina group!

As a freshman being put in a Messina group can be one of the best things to happen and you might even met some of your best friends in the class. One of the perks of being in Messina are the occasionally fun “field trip.”

20. “Strong Truths well lived” is a saying you have heard a million times and will never forget it because of that

One of the schools many mottos that is constantly said by the administrative staff. Even though it’s said and explained many times to us I’m still not too sure what the heck it means.



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