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20 Signs You Go To Keene State

20 Signs You Go To Keene State

Keene State is a memorable university. Find out the best things about Keene State and 20 signs you attend KSU. These KSU college signs are too good.

After attending Keene State I have been able to spot more owls off campus than ever before. We have endured a lot. Keep reading to discover twenty signs that you go to Keene State!

1. You had to endure the week-long freshman orientation.

You know, that week where the force you to go to all these assembles such as eating healthy on campus and tips and tricks to avoid the slump. All of which you either snuck out of to go decorate your dorm room or forgot literally as you left the building.

2. You have a love/hate relationship with the D.C.

You Love going because… well… Food. you hate going because you either hit the awkward in-between hours or they are serving bbq chicken… again…


3. You get super aggressive over bingo.

To anyone who doesn’t go to Keene State this sounds super odd, however, you know that when that time of the week rolls around you turn on your friends to win whatever gift card that rounds prize just so happens to be. You also have a call back ready for half the numbers called. B4…

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4. You spend most of your meal swipes on Sizzlers.

I’m still mad that they made them Monday thru Thursday only…


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5. You will fight anyone to the grave that KSC was wrongfully blamed for Pumpkinfest.

It wasn’t us but I’m not going to name names. At least they are working to bring it back.

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6. You’ve gotten lost in the Redfern at least once

Who designed this building anyway? The third floor is a myth.

7. You didn’t know there was a game room until at least your second year.

Yeah, it’s there, the second floor of the student center hang a right after the mailboxes. There’s pool and skee ball. If you didn’t know it was there you should come check it out.

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8. You’ve sped thru Winch Lot for a spot in C.

I circle the lot at least 4 times before I give up and go park my sorry self in E. They should have more parking closer to campus.

9. You go out almost every weekend despite the cold.

#KegStandCollege. No matter how cold girls still dress like it’s spring weekend.

10. You have a mental breakdown during course registration.

Registration opens October 10th at 8 am. My registration time was October 17th at 5:45 p.m. Okay school…


Related image

11.  You’ve gotten a ticket from the parking office 5 minutes before you get back to your car to move it.

Really? Come on, you and I both know I don’t have money for this.

12. You have a designated home away from home on campus.

I spend most of my nights in the Redfern. My roommate spends her time in the Math Center. We never see each other. We both hate our life decisions. Our lives are great…


13. You wish Llyods was part of your meal swipes.

I pay how much to go hear and you still charge me 7 dollars for a mediocre burger?

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14. You or someone you know is in Greek Life.

We are a pretty small school with a big Greek presence. It’s Lit.


Image may contain: 21 people, people smiling, indoor

15. You’ve stressed eaten NOC popcorn at least once.

There is something about the aggressively salty popcorn that is somewhat comforting.

16. Every campus event happens from 11-2 and it sucks.

I don’t know about you but that’s usually when my classes are…


17. You’ve taken a picture in front of the Arch.

Enter to learn. Go Forth to Serve.

Image result for keene state arch

18. You’ve broken your I.D and blamed the card scanner in the D.C so you didn’t have to pay for a new one.

25$ for a new one is too expensive especially when you can get a new one for free. Use this sparingly however so they don’t catch on!


19. Brattleboro is where you go to when you want to escape campus.

5$ movies at Latchis is also totally worth the trip.

20. You go to Walmart just to waste time.

You don’t need anything but you don’t want to do homework either.

Can you relate to any of these 20 signs you go to Keene State? Let us know and comment below!

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