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20 Signs You Go To High Point University

20 Signs You Go To High Point University

20 Signs You Go To High Point University

When you go to High Point University, you’ll know specific people, places, or signs that only High Point students know. You’ll definitely know what I mean. Here we go, 20 signs you go to High Point University!

1. You hear classical music playing as you walk to class.

HPU plays classical music all day long on the promenade.

2. You have campus concierge in your contacts and call them at least twice a day.

3. You can never find a parking spot.

You might as well take the parking ticket over the long walk to class.

4. You have an ice cream truck that drives around campus!

And in the winter it gives out brownies! You absolutely have to check it out.

5. DNCE and Calvin Harris have been featured in your fall concerts.


6. You have more than one swimming pool on campus.

Who doesn’t love to swim? One of the best ways to de-stress.

7. You get free massages during finals week!

Who couldn’t use a massage during the most stressful week of the year?

8. You can fit inside your closet.

9. Your bathroom has granite counter tops.

Because we’re fancy!

10. You have a movie theater on campus that gives out complimentary popcorn and candy.

They actually play really good movies, too!

11. The school’s president teaches his own class.

12. He also hands out giant candy bars on holidays.


13. There’s a five-star steak house on campus.

Yes, it is part of your meal plan

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14. Campus concierge does your dry cleaning for you.

…and everything else you could ever need.

15. You get sprayed by cold fountain mist everywhere you walk.


16. The farthest walk on your campus is only 15 minutes.

…and you complain about it!

17. There’s puppies all over campus because students can own dogs.

Yes, puppies can live in your dorm with you.

18. You get complimentary tickets to events going on in surrounding areas.

Aka- sports games, concerts, haunted houses.

19. The mail room ALWAYS seems to lose your packages…

20. And you own an absurd amount of purple clothing.

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