10 Signs You Enjoy Other People’s Drama

Do you like drama or not? Here are signs that you like drama; which are not supported by facts, it is opinionated based off of experiences from the writer.

Drama is defined as a specific mode of fiction represented in performance: a play, opera, mime, ballet, etc., performed in a theatre, or on radio or television. However, in today’s culture the word drama has become more relative to conflict, and those that are centered around confrontation or controversy. The prefix con is often used in words to describe drama, because the word has a negative connotation surrounding it.

Every day humans of the 21st century indulge in drama, whether it’s inside their own lives, read on the Internet or watched on TV. Drama is entertaining and is at the center of entertainment, so it is fair to state that most people enjoy drama. However, there are some people who live and/or get a rise from drama especially other people. Here is a list of a few signs that you are a person that enjoy other people’s drama.

10 Signs You Enjoy Other People’s Drama

1. You always know the latest gossip

This is a relatable sign, because many people enjoy staying up to date on the latest celebrity news etc… However, if you feel a need to know what’s going on personally with everyone that surrounds you, you’re a gossip fiend.

2. People seek out your advice

Some may say that this sign isn’t relevant because everyone seeks out advice at one point in time, but through the subconscious people know who will listen and who won’t. If you have lots of people seeking your advice it’s probably because they know you’ll listen and become so involved to give them an actual perspective, and not just the google definition.

3. Whenever you’re told the latest gossip you tell someone

This is simple, people who like drama engage in gossip; gossip and drama go hand and hand. 10 Signs You Enjoy Other People’s Drama

4. You can make friends easily

Interestingly about this sign is that just because you may have a lot of friends does not mean you like drama. However, if you can go to new place and walk out with a group of friends, beware. People come from all walks of life and made to be different, if the world was peaceful, we all would be friends, but that’s not the world. Many people only feel comfortable and open to those as real friends after years of trial and tribulations, so it is questionable when an unknown person can break through that protective barrier easily.

5. You’re always somewhere in the middle of drama (mediator)

Everyone at one point in time has been directly or indirectly in the middle of drama, but if this happen more than often, my friend it’s not the people it is you and maybe you like it.

6. You find enjoyment in ease dropping

Let’s be real, everyone ease-drops. However, if you by any chance go through extreme methods like: ears on the wall, roll down the window, look over someone’s shoulder while they are texting, you like other people’s drama. There is a difference than stumbling across an interesting conversation and continuing to listen and noticing another person’s drama and making appoint to knowing what’s going on.

10 Signs You Enjoy Other People’s Drama

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7. Gossip has no limits and neither do you.

When you enjoy gossip there’s really no end point. Everything is juicy, and somehow you find ways to make even the smallest amount of drama have major value. The filter that most people create for themselves is nonexistent to a person who enjoys other’s drama. You freely say or do whatever you think is needed to either directly or indirectly stir the juicy drama pot, and it is almost certain that you will see a negative response.

8. You often assert yourself in other’s conversation.

Were you ever talking to someone, and another person randomly responded to the conversation without being included? Not only is that ease dropping which is another sign of dropping, but it’s vocalizing when no one included you. You weren’t asked a question, no one was seeking a response from you, so why include yourself in another person’s drama.

9. You indirectly create drama

When speaking to a person who likes other people’s drama most of them are unknown to the fact that they like to indulge in drama. Being that they are in a form of denial, when they create drama for someone else by blabbing or blurting; these people may not actually grasp the fact that they instigated the drama and therefore see no issue.

10. Exaggeration is your middle name

Exaggerating is a form of drama, therefore if you do it quite often, it comes as no surprise that you would engage in drama that doesn’t involve you.

What it the latest drama that you have been involved in? Does everyone like drama?
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