20 Signs You Definitely Went To A Catholic High School

High school is unique for everyone ,but some things remain the same, like plaid uniforms. Here are 20 signs you definitely went to a Catholic High School.

High school is unique for everyone, but some things remain the same, like plaid uniforms. Here are 20 signs you definitely went to a Catholic High School, as illustrated by scenes from “White Girls.

1. Very few words will scare you more than “Mass Uniform Day.”

2. Your school had deans, and they were terrifying and you maybe tried to avoid them at all costs.


3. Uniform skirts/skorts were either super cute or horrendous at your school

4. You had plaid ~something~ and it has ruined plaid forever for you.

5. During free-dress days, everyone at school went ALL OUT.



6. Nine out of ten of the assemblies at school had to do with Catholicism, and the one that was not was probably a magician.

That move was kinda magic, right?


7. Your school had a patron saint, and you know exactly who it is and at least three details about their life.

8. You took religion classes.

9. “Man buns” were never a thing. Those scary deans…

giphy (17)


10. You yearn for the dance prices at public schools. Can we write a letter to the dioscese?

giphy (12)

11. You had at least two school-wide prayers a day, per school day. YOU WANT TO SLEEP BUT YOU CAN’T BECAUSE YOU’RE A RESPECTFUL AND MORAL STUDENT.

12. You can’t count how many times you heard the story of baby Jesus being born in a manger. You know every word.


13. You used the phrase “brings us closer to God” maybe a few too many times.

14. Sex ed classes are unheard of. Sex before marriage? Never heard of her.

15. You’ve probably had the same friends since…kindergarten? You love each other and can’t bear to finally graduate and move away from each other.




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16. The devil was present in everything, but you of course loved to dance with him sometimes and ~let loose~ in simple ways.

Like eating (shrimp).

17. School dances were so restricted that everyone just ended up jumping up and down for a couple hours.

You couldn’t do this stuff.


Let’s have another look at this scene.


18. Science classes could sometimes be a real struggle.

giphy (15)

19. At some point, you wondered why every mass song sounded like Jesus was your boyfriend.

20. Whenever people ask you what school you went to, you’re vain and will probably mention that you attended a ~catholic~ school, because after all that, you still are proud of your time at _______ Catholic.


If you can relate to these reasons, you definitely went to a Catholic High School; did we miss any signs? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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