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10 Signs You Definitely Love Dogs More Than People

10 Signs You Definitely Love Dogs More Than People

10 Signs You Definitely Love Dogs More Than People

Approximately 78 million dogs currently reside in the United States. That means 78 million snoots to boop. 78 million long bois, fluffers, loaves, woofers, pupperinos, even corgos: each one the goodest of boys. Many of us can’t help but grin just thinking about a smiling Golden Retriever, a blue-eyed pitty, or any precious doggo doing a mlem. The following is a list of signs that you’d prefer the company of a four-legged friend over another human any day. Do you love dogs more than people? Keep reading to find out.

1. You speak Doggo fluently.

If you do not, you probably did a h*ckin bamboozle at the intro to this article. Sorry. This language came to be thanks to the popular Twitter account We Rate Dogs (account here, online merchandise store here), and has been perpetuated by the Facebook page Dogspotting. (reference #10 for more info)


2. You find no shame in asking to pet someone’s dog in public.

Is there anything better than being the reason a tail is wagging? No. Totally worth the awkward human encounter.

3. When someone’s pet gives you attention, it feels like the stars have aligned.

I Am The Chosen One.


4. You cannot wait for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to end, as it signals the beginning of ‘The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show’.

You may begin the show cheering on your favorite breed, but by the final round, you are so proud of each and every one of them for doing their very best that you inevitably will do an excite when the winner is announced!!! (sorry, I digressed to Doggo again)

5. Most (if not all) of your Facebook posts are dog-related.

Wouldn’t you rather watch dog videos than look at the 348 pictures your friend’s Aunt Patricia posted from her family reunion last week? Yeah, me too.


6. You firmly believe that there is nothing quite as pure as the puppy head tilt.

You know what I mean.

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7. You know and worship Cesar Millan.

Because who doesn’t want to be the next Dog Whisperer? There is no dog too wild or ill behaved for Cesar Millan to handle. Dog Whisperer on Nat Geo Wild features Cesar’s skills as a dog behavioralist. You can also find Season One of his show Cesar 911 on Netflix.


8. You get tagged in at least 3 dog videos a day by friends.

Thank you, friends.

9. You know Harlow, Indiana, and Reese.

Weimaraner Harlow rose to fame when videos of her and her best friend Miniature Dachshund Sage cuddling, watching tv, and playing together gained attention. Unfortunately, soon after their rise to internet fame in 2013, Sage passed away. Harlow was devastated, so owner Brittni Vega adopted Dachshund Indiana. In 2014, the family expanded again with a tiny addition: Reese. Click on their picture below to be taken to their Instagram page…they have over 1.5 million followers.

Indiana, Harlow, and Reese from left to right

10. You closely follow the Dog-Spotting Facebook page.

This page is dedicated to dogs. All posts are “spots”, or pictures and videos of dogs people meet in public. You will not regret joining this page.

If you relate to 3 or more of these points, you probably love dogs more than people. Don’t worry, most of us do. How could you resist?