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15 Signs You Definitely Live In Boston

15 Signs You Definitely Live In Boston

15 Signs You Definitely Live In Boston

Boston known for baked beans is also a massive student city. If you live in Boston there are signs that you will understand.  Such as understanding the difficulty of the Bostonian accent or how it is to live in freezing weathers. Here are 15 signs that you live in Boston.

1. Wicked

You hear it so much you are just tempted to add wicked in everything you say. Wicked becomes an adverb and part of your everyday vocabulary. Some ways wicked can frequently become used is either wicked smart, wicked cold or wicked hard.

Wicked Smaht


2. Become used to the freezing temperatures

Having to go out in extremely cold temperatures below 0 degrees and around 6 inches of snow? No problem, this seems to be every day in Bostonian winter. So sooner or later you will become a pro in recognizing these cold temperatures.

Boston Winter


3. Everything closes past 10:00PM in the weekdays

Honestly, the only places open you will find in the weekday are most likely to be found in Chinatown. The rest are either fast food chains or bars.

4. The Bostonian accent is really hard to imitate

The Bostonian accent is more than Paak the Caa in Haavard Yard. The more you live in Boston the harder you realize it is to imitate it, as it is a very subtle one. You realize that the accent is the only one that can be talked since birth.  

5. Iced coffee always

Who cares if it’s -10 out nothing better than an iced coffee for a cold day, never a cappuccino. You start drinking iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts and realizing how truly amazing an iced caramel latte taste with the cold snow.


Dunkin Donuts

6. Dunkin = Sacred

In Boston, there is a Dunkin in every corner you look at. Not only are you bombarded by the multiple locations but also the constant advertising. Nothing more sacred to a Bostonian than there coffee from Dunkin, not Starbucks, Dunkies.

Dunkin' Donuts


7. You know the green and red lines by heart

When you first take the line everything seems confusing and simply just a lot. At first, it’s confusing af. Yet then once you know how to get around with those two main lines, you know how to get around Boston pretty much.



8. St.Patriots 

Sports teams in Boston are extremely sacred, especially the Patriots team. Tom Brady is considered a God, and Bill Belichick is highly respectable. 

9.  Victory parades for Socks and Patriots BLOCK EVERYTHING

With the previous point stated, victories are a huge thing here. No seriously if they win, you have to plan accordingly to get around, cause everything is BLOCKED. And by everything I mean Boylston and Tremont. It’s a pain getting around and the T stops as most of them are packed. Yet the celebrations are amazing along with the euphoric environment.

Victory Parade


10. “Masshole”

At this point, you’ve heard it so many times and realize people don’t take it as an insult but rather a compliment.


11. Bostonians vs New Yorkers

This feud seems ancient, and nothing that pisses of more a Bostonian than being compared to a New Yorker. Even in advertisements Bostonians take diss at New Yorkers mainly talking about smart people moving to Boston.

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12. Yankees are the worst team ever. Go Sox!

Red Sox are legendary if you say otherwise you are toast. Never ask for Yankees merch, EVER, unless you want to be stared funny or yelled at. This feud goes a long way tracing back to who was the best baseball team in the East Coast.

Boston Red Sox


13. You know the existence of Albino squirrel in the Park

If you have ever noticed there is ALOT of squirrels in both the Boston Commons and Gardens. Yet if you have walked by the Park facing Arlington Street you might have encountered the know albino squirrel. He is the only one known to this day in the park.

Albino Squirrel


14. Keytar Bear is ICONIC

You have probably seen him either in the MBTA playing with a portable piano. He to this day remains anonymous and performs in an adorable bear costume. He is loved by Bostonians and tourist.  

Keytar Bear

15. Weddings everywhere in the Boston Gardens 

Times of fall and spring you will notice that the Boston Public Gardens will be flooded with brides and bridesmaids for pictures. Not only do you learn to spot them easier, but you develop a talent to walk faster to avoid being in the shot in any way.


Boston Wedding Spring

So whether you are living or about to live in Boston there are a few signals you should know about. These are a few ones complied out of living here a short time.

So let us know in the comments do you agree these are a few things about living in Boston?

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