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20 Signs You Definitely Grew Up In The Middle of Nowhere

20 Signs You Definitely Grew Up In The Middle of Nowhere

If you grew up in the middle of nowhere it gets boring. Growing up in a small town can be tough. Here are 20 unmistakable signs you grew up in a small town

As a child, living in the middle of nowhere does not really phase you. But as you grow older you start to realize just how small your town is. Below is a list of only a few things that stick out when living in or if you have lived in a small town.

1. Everyone knows everyone.

You may see a moving truck unloading furniture into the house down the street and think to yourself “is that someone new?!” In reality it is just good ole Jane Doe from the street over moving into a the house.

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2. There are no secrets.

In a small town news spreads like wildfire. Everyone knows everything that has or is going to happen to you. There is no way of keeping their nose out of your business.

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3. “Main Street.”

Main Street is a block long and the only stores on it are run down places. A lot of these stores have names that nobody has heard of such as “Crazy Bill’s BBQ” or “Cow on the Corner.” These stores usually stay open for about a year and then a new one takes its spot. 

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4. There is only one of everything.

There is only one grocery store, one theater, and one bowling alley. Making plans is easy and nobody can get confused about where to go.

5. There are more cows than people.

If you lived in a small town the animals always beat out the number of people living in the town. The animals also usually hold more value in some peoples eyes compared to their neighbors. 

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6. Long drives.

To get to the nearest mall you have to drive at least one hour. In fact, to get to any town larger than a few hundred or thousand people you have to drive over an hour.

7. The county fair.

Everyone goes to the county fair. Your grandma, great aunt, second cousin, and all your friends will be there. The county fair is the only time everyone will be out of their houses.

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8. Abandoned buildings.

The abandoned buildings take up at least 1/3 of your town. Every time you pass an abandoned building you think back to what it used to be and what you wish it could be… It usually stays empty. 

9. Running into people.

When you are out and about you will always run into someone you know. You try to duck into another aisle or hide your face, but they always manage to find you.

10. Barn parties.

The town parties or celebrations are always held inside of a barn. If you have not attended at least one potluck inside of a barn, then you have not lived in the middle of nowhere. 

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11. Someone is always drunk. 

Whether you are at the lake, county park, or even a football game, someone is always cracking open a cold one.

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12. You can NOT not invite someone.  

Like I said earlier, news spreads like wildfire. If someone is not invited to something you have started unwanted drama. Unwanted drama then leads to bad blood and then you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

13. Nothing to do.

Having nothing to do either causes trouble or creative ideas. In a small town it is usually is a lot of both. 

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14. School field trips.

Field trips are always exciting because you get to miss class. However, when you are going on a field trip in a small town it is either to a milk farm or a swamp. Either way, you are getting down and dirty somewhere that stinks.

15. School events.

School events such as football or basketball games always brings the whole town together. Anything that will spark something new in someone’s week will get them out of their house. 

16. Leaving.

More than half of your town has never left the state they live in. Going to the next town over (that is one hour away) is classified as leaving. Going to the water park that is three hours away is classified as a vacation. Most people living in your town have never seen a Main Street bigger than a block or even four grocery stores on one road.

17. Family.

Your family has lived in this town since your great great great great great great great great grandma and grandpa were living. If they were not from that specific town, they were probably from the one about an hour away. 

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18. Marriage and children.

 After you graduate at least half of your classmates go off to college. The other half are getting married or having a child or both… Probably in a barn somewhere.

19. New comers.

You think to yourself “why would they ever come here.” Later on you find out they either have relatives here or are foreign exchange students that were unfortunately placed in your town.

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20. BF’s and GF’s.

You and your friend have probably dated the same person before because there are not many options. There usually is a fight between you and your friend, but then you both come to terms that the girl or guy screwed both of you over.

In the end, I am sorry if you hate/ hated living in a small town and grew up in the middle of nowhere. I lived in one for eight years and can not be more thankful that I am out of there. If you love your small town I am glad and this was not meant as a bash on small towns. If you could relate to some or a few, I hope you got a good giggle or a flicker of a memory to cross your mind.
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