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15 Signs You Definitely Grew Up In Texas

15 Signs You Definitely Grew Up In Texas

15 Signs You Definitely Grew Up In Texas

If you grew up having heat strokes in a cowboy hat, taking magical midnight trips to Whataburger and drinking queso by the gallon then you partner definitely grew up in Texas. There’s something special that separates you from your hoard of Midwestern friends and no, its not just that they say “pop” like they’re stuck in 1952, there’s so much more, so saddle up as we explore what puts the “yee” in your “haw!”

1. Rodeo Season Gets You All Riled Up

Whether you’re from Odessa, Houston or anywhere in between, growing up in Texas you knew exactly what month Rodeo Season started. Mostly because it meant it was time to throw down on some fried cheesecake and turkey legs while watching some primo “muttin bustin,” because there’s nothing like watching a three year old hold on for dear life while you inhale 2,00o calories in one sitting.

The Rodeo was a pretty much your carnie version of DisneyWorld and the fact that it came every year to your town made it even better.


2. Whataburger Is Your Midnight Crown Jewel

There is absolutely no sight more beautiful than that glowing orange-striped Whataburger when you’ve just left a steaming club full of drunk heathens. You knew that even though it was 2 in the dang morning you were about to throw down on a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit and get that dank Spicy Ketchup which would bring your drunk soul back to life.

If the fries and blue Powerade didn’t wake you up, the bright ass fluorescent lights were sure to do the trick. If the bright orange “W” makes your heart skip a beat then you definitely grew up in Texas.

3. Tex-Mex Is A Lifestyle

Being Mexico’s neighbors meant that you had access to the best tacos and chips that life could offer but since you grew up in Texas all of it was smothered in queso and honestly what more could one ask for? Texas raised you on sizzling fajita platters, enough chips to swim in and any type of enchilada  your little heart could dream of.


You now bleed queso and you know what, you’re not even mad about it. Texas raised you and queso saved you.

4. “Y’all” Is Your Favorite Pronoun

When you see more than one of your friends chillin’ like a villain your brain immediately switches to a “y’all” format. “Y’all” is so engrained in your vocab that when and if you ever had to say “you all” you felt like you were performing in a high school production of  Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”

It’s a word that just rolls of your lil’ Southern tongue, y’all know what I mean?


5. You Can Clap The Beat Of “Deep In the Heart of Texas” In Your Sleep

Even as I type this I am performing a one woman show of “Deep In the Heart of Texas” because that song is catchier than modern day STD’s. You sung it in your elementary talent shows, the rodeo and then later at your college football games- as your grew up it grew up with you.

Because of that song you were pretty much a mini meteoroligist, geographer and dance choreographer all in one- you knew the “stars at night were big and bright” *Four Claps* sing it with me, “Deep In the Heart of Texas!”

6. Touchdowns and Tailgates

Going to a Texas college meant come football season you best have your tailgate look ready-burnt orange cowboy boots and all-and know your liquor to water ratio so dehyrdration didn’t tackle you to the ground. Day drinking is a science and a sport in itself and no one knows that better than you.


7. “Go Tejano Day” Had You Looking Like A Walking American Flag

I’m sure if you search long enough in that box full of childhood pictures under your moms bed you’ll be sure to find one of you looking like a cowgirl settling the west in a Texas star vest with two braids to match. “Go Tejano Day” had your hallways smelling like leather from the sheer amount of cowboy boots and it was a yearly reminder Texas history and fashion is a breed all its own.

8. You Pretty Much Have “Remember The Alamo” Tattoed On Your Lower Back

Speaking of Texas History did you know not every one learns it? “Gasp!” Growing up in Texas, it’s history was such a prominent part of your daily education that if you ever did forget The Alamo you’d pretty much be excommunicated and Davy Crockett’s greatest disappointment.

Remember that guy? Imagine being shamed by a man known for his choice styling of a raccoon as a hat, rough.


9. Ain’t No Step Like A Two Step

Texas and country music go together like Blue-bell and well…Blue-bell. If you grew up in Texas you know it didn’t matter if you were at your local Stripe’s gas station or at scanning through the radio station, like some kind of masochist, you were bound to hear someone, somewhere crooning about their high-school sweetheart in a pair of denim cut-off’s on the back of a pick-up truck drinking out of a red cup.

And even if you aren’t the biggest fan you will forever know George Straight as “The King” and Luke Bryant as a hunky hometown hero. Facts are facts.

10. Blue Bonnets Photoshoots

As soon as you saw a field of blue on the side of the highway you knew not only was it spring, it was time to out it in park, pop that cell out and photo shoot time baby. You can’t pick em’ but you sure can crush them in the perfect attempt to get that primo Instagram pic. Because nothing says I grew up in Texas like posing away in a field of those majestic Blue Bonnet babies.


11. Sweat Was Your Natural Highlighter

Legend has it Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” was inspired when he took a trip to Texas, now while thats a fun fact I just made up, you better than anyone know that truer words have never been spoken. While growing up in Texas you didn’t know if you were having a heat stroke or it was just another Monday in June.

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Sweat was your first introduction to highlighter and Texas heat had you looking like a glazed donut by 1pm. And we all know the sound of an ice cream truck used to and can still make your heart skip a beat.


12. Football Is Heart Attack Serious

From “Friday Night Lights” to “Remember the Titans” Texas took the passion for football and ran with it, right into the end zone…that’s a thing right? The smell of fresh cut grass on a field, bright lights, a hot dog and a box of the saltiest popcorn you could imagine meant it was time for Friday night football baby.

Not only did it teach you patience because it’s honestly an endless game, it also taught you “clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

13. You Would Do Anything For Selenassss

Not only was she the Tejano Queen of Cumbia, Selena Quintanilla was the Kween to your Texan heart. You can sing every word to “Como La Flor,” you practiced “the washing machine” for hours in your living room and bustiers will forever be known as “busti-caca’s” in your mind.


Long before J.Lo was “Jenny from the block” she was the Selena you grew up with and you learned from a young age nothing good could come from someone named Yolanda. Trust no bish.

14. Southern Sayings

Since you grew up in Texas you thought everyone referred to soda as “coke” and you could have sworn “y’all” was officially in the Oxford Dictionary but it turns out you’re in a league of your own, a Texan through and through. It’s funny you can’t hear your Texan accent until you leave the state and you never understood the concept of “Southern Hospitality” until a Yankee lets the door close in your face.

You know what they say, you can take the girl out of Texas but you cannot shove me without saying “excuse me” because the rage of a million Texas bulls will come for you.


15. “Texas Forever”

Texas taught you the two step, how to combat unbearable heat with a disfigured Tweety Bird popsicle and that everything tastes better with queso but most of all it made you the person you are today- warm, open and ready to tackle anything that comes your way because if you can survive Texas mosquitoes you can survive anything.

So as bad-boy Tim Riggins’ would say “Texas Forever.”

How Texan are you? Did we do a good job of roping them all up? Let us know in the comments below!

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