15 Signs You Definitely Go To Indiana University

Every school as their quirks and those things that you just know if you’re a student there. If you’re a student at Indiana University, you know that we are no different. Here are 15 signs you definitely go to Indiana University.

You use your campus access more than your debit card

It’s just a fact.

You have an entire shelf in your closet dedicated to cream and crimson tailgate apparel

You have to.

Forest dining hall is a 5-star dining experience

It is simply delectable.

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You’re willing to walk miles to get a bowl from Inbloom. But did you even go if it’s not on your snap story?

You’ve gotten extremely lost in Ballantine Hall at one point in your life

I think everyone has.

You’ve asked Pizza X for “sprinkles”

Who hasn’t?

It’s fists THEN blades

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You’ve felt personally victimized by peach Taaka

You’ve made friends from all over the country… especially Carmel, IN

Your camera roll is mostly artsy pictures of the sample gates

Can you say “Instagram spam?”

Your first semester was spent deciding which days you were going to go to PCP’s and which days were wine nights with the girls

You still aren’t sure if you’re pronouncing “Simon Skjodt” right

Will you ever though?

You questioned if you would make it out of finite or K201 alive

It’s debatable that you will.

You always make it to the tailgate but never make it to the game

Let’s be honest, no one makes it to the game.

Little 5 is Mardi Gras of the Midwest

During welcome week, you learned that #IUishome

Did you go to Indiana University too? What unmistakable signs do you remember from being a student? Let us know in the comments below!
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