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15 Signs You Care More About Astrology Than You Think

15 Signs You Care More About Astrology Than You Think

15 Signs You Care More About Astrology Than You Think

It’s just for fun! You tell yourself but can you still say you don’t care about astrology at the end of this list?

1. You Ask Them When Their Birthday Is

It’s a simple question; a great way to get to know someone in fact, so no harm right? Astrology is more about stars than birthdays so this doesn’t mean anything, right?

2. Facebook Stalking Them to Find Out When Their Birthday is

Ok, sometimes you haven’t met them yet or missed the chance to ask, so you’re good to check their social media for their birthday. It’s still good at this point. You don’t care about Astrology.

3. You Know What Sign They Are from Their Birthday

There are about two astrology signs a month so it’s quite easy to guess what someone’s sign is through a process of elimination but perhaps you might care just a little bit more now.

4. Have Done Love Compatibility More than Once

This is where you say “Astrology is just for fun!” It’s interesting to see what the internet has to say about your relationship with someone else. It’s not like you’re taking it seriously.

horoscope love compatibility astrology

5. Check Your Horoscope Often

I like to tell myself I’m just checking at the end of the month to see how accurate it was… and then I find myself checking it before the month starts. I’m not that into astrology, I swear, I’m just curious.

6. Plan Your Schedule According to Your Horoscope

However, if your horoscope says you’re going to be successful in work or romance in that month, then why not take that risk and plan a girls night out or apply for that job!

7. Stray away from Signs You’re not Compatible With

There are some people you get along with and some you don’t, sometimes they’re just coincidentally the same astrology sign each time. If you know what signs you regularly don’t get along with, what’s wrong with avoiding them altogether to save yourself the trouble. All you want to do is live the best life you can, and sometimes that makes astrology is pretty useful.

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8. Follow Social Media Pages like “Libra Facts Daily” etc

If astrology can be so right about who you are and who you get along with, why not find out more, it’s just one more page to follow. I love reading relatable facts! It’s not about just astrology, it’s just something a bit interesting.

9. Have Jewellery or Tattoos with Your Astrology Sign on it

The Scorpio symbol is so fierce! There are so many cute necklaces, bracelets and the like around so why not get one for yourself? It’s kind of cute, why not! Better yet, as at tattoo, it’s such a subtle sign of self-expression and easy to hide.

astrology horoscope tattoo ideas

10. Have Said Something like “You’re such a Aries!” At Least Once

So you know a little bit about other people’s signs, or if they’re the same sign as you so when they do something completely within character, what’s wrong with linking it back to astrology? I mean, other than the fact that at this point, you might be a lot more into astrology than you thought now.

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11. Attribute Your Personality to Your Horoscope

If you agree to the last point then you’re definitely going into the deep end now.  Once you begin to see personality overlaps with the relevant signs, you can’t help but think “Oh, that’s me too!” once you see a new personality fact and thus, you’re definitely into astrology now.

astrology personality attributes

12. You know What “Moon Sign” means

A person is full of layers! When someone says astrology is fake because people aren’t classified within 12 astrology signs, they clearly don’t know about moon signs. Everyone has a second astrology sign based on their time of birth that further validates their personality. Astrology doesn’t sound so fake now, does it?

13. You Know Exactly What Your Element is

You might not know exactly what it may mean but you definitely know what element you are. Or, you may know exactly what it means and that’s totally ok too.

14. You Check when Mercury is in Retrograde

Life is always about timing but sometimes you may not know when that is so why not leave it up to the moon to figure out for you.

15. Blame Your Problems on Your Horoscope

It can’t be helped sometimes when things go wrong, it’s not your fault, it was set in the moon and the stars! Wait a minute, it sounds like you’re beginning to believe more in astrology than you thought!

How far did you get through the list finding yourself agreeing one too often? If you said yes, then I can only say thrive where the universe lets you and be wary when the moon says to!

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