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8 Signs You Are In Lust, Not Love

8 Signs You Are In Lust, Not Love

Is it lust or is it love? Come take a look at our list and see if any alarms are going off for you in knowing if you're in lust or love.

Love. Lust. Lust. Love. While we like to think we know the difference it can be very easy to confuse the two. When are tangled up in the sheets feeling all kinds of physical bliss it can be hard to sort out what kind of emotions you are feeling. Sometimes the feeling someone else gives up in bed is so intense we begin to think we are in love with them, but we’re not. If you are in an entanglement with someone and are feeling a bit conflicted about your feelings than check out this list of signs that you are in lust, not love.

8 Signs You Are In Lust, Not Love

1. Constant Sex And Nothing Else

This should come at not surprise that one of the top signs that you are in lust and not love is that you are having a lot of sex. Like a lot. Now you may be thinking, “people in love have sex all the time” and you got me there, that is true. What else do you really do with this person though? Have you guys even left a bedroom? Have you two even done anything where you kept your close on? If your “relationship” with this person only requires you to wear your birthday suit than the sign you are in lust is kinda slapping you in the face.

2. You Don’t Feel Committed To Him

When you are in love with someone you are all about them 100% no questions asked, but when you are in lust it can be somewhat hard to think about being with them, for a long weekend, let alone a lifetime together. While the “yes their it for me” doesn’t happen over night, but if you are in love with someone and not lust you wouldn’t even consider being with anyone else. Be honest with yourself though, if someone cute at the bar offered you a drink would be interested in their advances?

3. You Are Bothered By Their Little Flaws

When we are in love we see past so many habits that drive us nuts. Like how they go on rants about their favorite video games or how they never seem to remember your friends names. When you are in lust their annoying little habits tend to have the opposite effect. You could even go so far as to ignore them all together because you don’t spend enough time trying to figure out what they are. The point is if you only “love” some because of what you like about them and none of what you don’t then you’re not in love.

8 Signs You Are In Lust, Not Love

4. You Can Go A While Without Seeing Them

When you are completely in love with someone you are constantly in communication and if not, the two of you have an understanding of your texting habits so if you disappear for a bit its not an issue. If you are being lead by lust than you probably aren’t wondering the next time you’re going to see him is. You could even go a few days without seeing him, or even seeing him, without it being an issue. While there is nothing wrong with a healthy amount of space in a relationship you really don’t have one if you aren’t going to be hurt if your lover disappears on you.

5. You Always Dressed Your Best

After you have been with a person for a while we get comfortable with them and we strut around them in our sweatpants and messy up do. I knew my boyfriend and I had hit a milestone when I was comfortable enough to wear my bunny onesie on in front of him.  When you are in lust, the thought of them seeing you without your make up on horrifies you. I know that there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good for your man, especially when you are first starting your courtship, but if you expect to keep up the glam look forever than you are not really letting your defenses down. Being in love means you are comfortable with the one your with. Foundation or no foundation.

8 Signs You Are In Lust, Not Love

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6. You Don’t Know Much About Them

Lets have a little pop quiz! What is their favorite color? How about what is their mom’s name? Do you know if they have any siblings? Their favorite movie to watch? What is one thing you know about them that you didn’t get off their Bumble profile? If you can not answer a single one of these questions than that is another definite sign that you are in lust. When you are in love with someone you want to know every little detail about their life right down to their favorite toy when they were a kid. If none of those little facts that make up a person interests you, than you probably aren’t really all that interested in them besides that fact that you like what they do to your body.

7. You Don’t Talk To Each Other

If you don’t really know much about them that means you probably don’t talk to each other. You don’t tell them your problems to help relieve your stress. You simply keep it bottled up and take your clothes off. When you are in love with someone you want to tell them everything, good or bad. If you ask any relationship expert they will tell you that communication is key and if you aren’t communicating with someone than you can’t really be in head over heals in love with someone.

8. You Can’t Imagine A Future With Them

Close your eyes and imagine your future. Imagine what you do for a job, where you are living. Now is the person your with there? Did you even think of him at all when you were picturing your future? How about this, if you got an invite to go to a wedding in two months would you invite them to go with you as a plus one? Or are you not even sure if they’ll be around that long? What people tend to forget nowadays is that every person we date isn’t going to be the one. It sometimes takes us a few tries before we find the one perfect for us. A surefire way to know that they are not the one you are looking for though is if you see them in your future for more than the next hour.

8 Signs You Are In Lust, Not Love

We all want that can’t eat, can’t sleep, and even breath without them feeling when it comes to love. Sometimes we get it without even truly falling in love and that is what we can call being in lust my friend. Even after this list you still think you might be in love, you might be. I do not know your life to know your relationship enough, but if you’re reading this article than chances are you’ve already come to the realization that what you have isn’t going to last forever.
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