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20 Signs You Are From The OC

20 Signs You Are From The OC

Living in Orange County is an experience in itself; from the food to Disney to the surf, the O.C. has it all. These are the signs you're from the OC.

The O.C. Who hasn’t heard of the famous and rich O.C.? I mean, we did have our own T.V. series from 2003 to 2007. Orange County is honestly just the perfect representation of California. Even if you are not from Orange County, there are many signs that’ll show whether or not someone is from the OC. So keep reading to learn all about us O.C. natives!

1. You call in Banzai Bowl a head of time.

You don’t stand in line and wait 30 minutes for your Maui Sunrise among the teenage girls in crop tops and daisy dukes. You’ll always call in– Maui Sunrise with extra banana and almond butter.

2. Just by the vocabulary you use.

There is a distinct language that categorizes you into being a part of the O.C. Words like “gnarly,” “sick,” “super stoked,” and “rad.” These words slip out of your mouth on a daily basis. You would be so “down” to hang right now. And if you ever see anyone wearing jeans on the beach, they are a “kook.”


3. You say the word “like” a lot.

When I say a lot, I mean A LOT. Like for example, that dude was all like super chill like he owned the place like you know? It is basically the word that you say nonstop.

4. You were forced into doing Junior Lifeguards.

You spent your summers down at Balboa Pier running along the sand for flags, swimming in the ocean with a buoy to ‘save’ your friend, and painting your face (insert your level color) for competition days. No matter how much zinc you had slathered on your face, you always end up getting red as a tomato. Bonus was that you always got this killer visor or hat that you felt like a stud when you wore it around town.

5. You think it’s acceptable to wear workout clothes everywhere.

Workout clothes is like the uniform for the O.C.. No matter where you go, you are dressed head to toe in workout clothes. You might not even be working out that day or at all for that matter.


6. On that note, all the workout clothes you own are from Lulu Lemon.

Let’s be honest; you might own a few clothes from Nike or Adidas, but you NEVER leave the house with those on. Lulu Lemon is your holy grail for workout wear. It’s only the most basic O.C. trend.

7. You park your Range Rover next to two other Range Rovers.

Audi? Mercedes? Pshhhh, nope. Only Ranger Rovers are acceptable if you are in the O.C.. Those other cars don’t meet our standards of what we call “O.C. trendy”. Oh and they have to have white or black leather seats. You’re trying to live the most “Kardashian” type of life you can.


8. You always have a Signature Plus Disneyland Pass.

It’s a blessing that Disneyland is so close. So obviously, you have to have a pass. But it can’t just be the SoCal pass. It HAS to be the signature plus pass. You can casually drive up there just to get the Mac N Cheese bread bowl, then leave.


9. Rain is a miracle for you.

Rain is like a legend myth to you. There is nothing more exciting in your life than rain. You put it on every single social media platform you own: Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Even if the rain was only there for a half an hour, it was the highlight of your day.

10. You know where the best Mexican food there is in at least a 20 mile radius.

Orange County is literally the best place to get Mexican food in the country. Since you are so close to Mexico, the Mexican food is authentic to the actual deal. You don’t have to settle for the Taco Bell, Del Taco mess.


11. You have or know people who have gotten plastic surgery.

I guarantee every 3rd person you come across has had plastic surgery done. O.C. is one of the largest places for where people get plastic surgery done. If you haven’t gotten something done, you have a friend who has gotten it done.

12. You get spray tans in the winter.

Summer? natural tan. Fall? spray tan. Winter? spray tan. Spring? spray tan. Because when you’re from the O.C., you have to be tan all year round. There’s no exception.

13. You’re either a Trojan family or a Bruin family.

There’s no explanation needed here. You’re either a fan for USC or UCLA, no in between.


14. You have at least thought about modeling or being a child actor once.

You have thought at least once about wanting to be a part of the fame and fortune lifestyle of Hollywood. You’ve always heard of all of the acting and modeling scouts swarmed around the O.C. malls.

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15. Your kitchen is only filled with food from Sprouts and Whole Foods.

You can only be on that grind every day all day. Healthy life style is all the time. Any food that isn’t organic is not allowed in your kitchen at all.

16. You only eat vegan and gluten-free foods.

Besides only eating organic food, you are on a very strict diet. You don’t call it a diet, you call it your life style. But really you have no medical concerns for gluten. You only do it for the ‘cliché’ of being gluten free and vegan.


17. Your guacamole recipe is killer.

Everyone knows California has the best avocados. So you obviously have to have a killer guacamole recipe. It is a basic necessity for living in the O.C. And your recipe is a family secret recipe. It is absolutely NOT a generic brand or recipe.

18. You have done a juice cleanse.

Whether it be from Nekter, Pressed Juicery, or home-made, you have done a juice cleanse. I can guarantee you have done one or more. Don’t try to deny it.


19. “Do you surf?”

*rolls eyes* You get this question asked every time you travel outside of the O.C. Just because you live in the O.C. doesn’t mean you surf, but really most everyone does. C’mon. You have the perfect weather, the perfect beaches, and perfect waves.

20. Lastly, You break out your ski jackets when its 60 degrees out.

Let’s face it. You don’t know what weather is. You have never really experiences all four seasons. So when it gets your definition of “cold” *60 degrees* you automatically break out your ski jackets. A normal person would not be wearing full heavy duty weather clothes. But you think this is freezing.

These are 20 signs you’re from the OC. Anything to add? Share in the comments!
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