20 Signs You Are From The Eastern Shore of Maryland

The Eastern Shore of Maryland is full of interesting people and unique culture. This list is sure to ring a bell if you grew up on the Shore.

The Eastern Shore of Maryland is truly unique. While Maryland has the overall beautiful cities and countryside, the Eastern Shore has a distinctive set of people which heavily contribute to its culture. Here are a few things you can probably relate to if you’re from this area:

1. You Know What The Words “Chicken Necker” And “Yellow Belly” Mean.

For those of you who do not know: a Chicken Necker is someone who is not from the Eastern Shore, and a Yellow Belly is someone from Kent Island. Most of us don’t even know how these words originated or how they’re relevant to where these people come from.

2. Other People Think You Have An Accent But You Really Can’t Tell.

For your whole life, you considered “water” to be pronounced as “wutter” and crayon to be pronounced “crown.” You never thought twice about that.


3. Getting Stuck Behind Farmers Gear While Driving Is NBD.

Except when he doesn’t let you pass and makes you late for school. That gets some people salty. It’s fine.



Its fine.



Not just on the good ol’ Eastern Shore crab, it’s also good on fish, corn, steak, and other various vegetables. It might sound strange to other people, but if you’re from the Eastern Shore, it sounds delicious. Even on chips.


5. You Know That One Kid Who’s A “Third Generation Farmer” And Proud Of It.

“My daddy werks on da farm errday” is the oldest line ever. Though we do care about the food his dad produces, we just don’t care about him.

Though we do care about the food his dad produces, we just don't care about him

6. Your High School Was Probably Super Small.

Compared to the 4A huge schools across the bridge, your school on the shore was probably 2A level, tops, with most private schools only having a few hundred people.



7. High School Athletic Rivalries Were Intense.

The teams on the Eastern Shore typically played each other often throughout the season. The biggest rivalries typically being Queen Anne’s, Kent Island and Kent County high schools in every sport.



8. Everyone Played Lacrosse.

And if you didn’t play, you’ve at least tried to. “LAX BROOOOO” said every male Lacrosse player ever.



9. Turf Fields Were Scarce For Any Athletic Event.

Over the bridge, every high school has a turf field; here, only Pocomoke High school has one, which means all of your athletics were played on grass.


10. You Probably Grew Up Somewhere Near A Cornfield.

And as a child, it was fun to play hide and seek in. #RealChildrenOfTheCorn “We shall find the king of hide and seek!”


11. You Either Want To Leave The Shore Immediately Or Stay Forever.

After high school, many students are defined by their desire to go across the country for school or stay rather close to home. The ones that want to go far will really go far, from Virginia to Colorado. The ones that stay close to home typically go to more local schools like Chesapeake College, University of Maryland, Salisbury University, or even some schools in Delaware.

Everyone at graduation, regardless of where they're headed after



12. You Know What Redneck Row Means.

Your school definitely had one.



13. Muddy Trucks Are A Good Thing.

It gives the truck character. It also defines how redneck you are.


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14. You Are Used To The Smell Of Manure In The Morning.

You’ve smelled it so much it doesn’t smell that bad anymore.


15. Summers Were Always Spent Outside.

With little else to do, summers were usually spent at pools, beaches, or just in the backyard.


16. Ocean City Was The Vacay Spot.

Everyone goes there in the summer – for family vacations, “senior week”, or just a weekend getaway. Everyone on the Shore knows OC is where it’s at.


17. If Ocean City Was Packed, Delaware Beaches Were The Next Go-To.

Rehoboth was another super fun beach to visit.

18. “Maryland Weather” Was So, So Real.

The vicious cycle of 75 degrees and sunny one day to 40 and rainy the next was extreme. Oh, and the weatherman was usually off on all of his predictions for the area.



19. You Probably Knew Your Neighbors Pretty Well.

You might not have had many, so the ones you did have were easy to get to know. And neighborhood gossip is very entertaining.



20. You Feel Like You Know Everyone In The Small Town You Grew Up In.

Whenever you go out, you will no doubt see someone you know. It is a very small world on the Eastern Shore.

If you’re from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I’m sure some of the things on this list rang a bell. Let me know if you could think of any more unique characteristics of Maryland’s Eastern Shore in the comments below!
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