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12 Signs You Are From Palo Alto

The town filled with wealthy, white people who are obsessed with Apple products and paying for overpriced things at Stanford Shopping Center. Have you guessed which town I’m talking about? If you guessed Palo Alto, you, my friend, deserve an admission to Stanford University. Here’s 12 signs you are from Palo Alto.

Seeing Teslas on the streets is a day-to-day thing for you.

Well, it is true that the Tesla headquarters are located in Palo Alto, but if you go to our neighboring town, Los Altos, every single high school student drives one to school. Go figure.

You have visited at least 3 celeb’s houses during Trick or Treating. (Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeremy Lin, Larry Page.)

If you haven’t stalked them somewhere else, like at a high school, then you should at least visit what a CEO’s 10 million dollar house looks like.

You have a Stanford hoodie/jacket/shirt.

And then you get rid of all the Stanford clothing once you get rejected from your dream school.

This was you in high school: You took 5 AP classes, 5 extracurriculars, were the president of 5 clubs, and your dream school was Stanford.

Simply put: Life of a high school student ain’t easy, especially in Palo Alto.

You had a photo shoot at Stanford for Prom.

It’s the most beautiful campus and place in Palo Alto for professional-looking pictures (at least to the standards of a bunch of high school students). And it’s free!

You pay for overpriced things. (ex: paying 5 bucks for boba on the daily)

Teaspoon has got to be 95% of a student’s money expenditure.

You believe in gay rights, solar panels, and Apple products.

We get triggered easily, because we care.

You own an item from Patagonia.

Probably own more Patagonia jackets than Stanford ones. Sorry, Stanford.

See Also

You are aware of the problem of mental health.

People who went to high school here can understand.

You know how to use a Smartboard.

These hundred-dollar white boards that constantly need to be calibrated. The school district has enough money to put one in a PE classroom. Who knew?

The biggest crime you’ve seen in the local newspaper: a bike got stolen.

The second biggest crime: an Iphone got stolen.

You are used to seeing construction everywhere, especially for houses.

Chances are, you or your neighbor or your school is having a contruction right now.

What do you think of these 12 signs you are from Palo Alto? Let us know in the comments below!
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