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12 Signs You Are From Independence, VA

12 Signs You Are From Independence, VA

Did you grow up in Independence VA? If so, you will absolutely relate to these 12 signs you are from Independence, VA. If you're in the mood for some nostalgia, read on.

Did you grow up in Independence VA? If so, you will absolutely relate to these 12 signs you are from Independence, VA. If you’re in the mood for some nostalgia, read on.

12. You’re related to everyone

If you are related to, or know someone, who is in this very small town, chances are you’re from Independence, VA. Population of around 947.

11. Church over bars, always

If you prefer churches to bars you could be from the town of Independence,  VA. Anyone there can tell you there is only one bar to several church ratio. And the last one was burnt down, the bar not the churches.


10. High School sweethearts

If you have met and married your spouse straight out of the local high school or if your still in it when you do get married, or pregnant, there is a very good sign that you are from this town.

9. There’s just one grocery store

If you are completely ok with one grocery store, and the fact that the food is not always fresh, most of the time its straight local, meat produce etc and was bought from one of your families or friends farms. You could be from Independence, VA

8. The local hotel

The local hotel and currently the only one accessible in this town is a dump. You will know this if you are from the town. Warning, everyone knows, but few will tell you if your a tourist.


7. Getting anything fixed takes forever

If you are completely ok with repair work or having any labor done in a long amount of time versus the time it can be done in, then you are so from this town. For example one of the skilled laborers of this town could take days to fix plumbing, but I am sure you already knew that, if again you were from there.

6. Slow response time

Knowing your going to need an ambulance or emergency is going to happen at least an hour or so before it does, otherwise you’re probably not going to make it and your house might be burnt, by the time the volunteers, do anything especially because they do not respond with any type of fast pace. Do not worry though because if you are from the town, I am sure it’s one of your family members or friends of and they will treat you right, when they do show up.

5. Everything closes at 9

How about the quiet of the town that closes up after 9 or so, well if you are from here you are used to not having any resources after a certain time of the night, just hope you’re not traveling by and need a restroom after 9 pm or so.


4. Fishing, hunting and camping

I know you’re from this town if you love to fish, hunt, and camp in your own backyard. Perhaps you even like to watch clouds go by or sit with your thoughts, this is the best place for that as there is really nothing else going on.

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3. Holidays

Wait a minute I almost forgot, the holidays. Well, if your from the town of Independence, VA, you should either know of or remember the six or less events hosted and created by the same people every year and the towns people even accept all the tourists. For example the porta potty races which is a huge hit.


2. The local farmers market

The local farmers market in the town square, ok who am I kidding it’s the only lot in the middle of town and the same vendors have been down there for years, now if you are from here you might have a great time checking this out and all of the festivities, but be prepared if you are not, because it’s like being avoided and getting to watch people who know each other, have a great time.

1. Historical love

The number one sign you are from Independence, VA is a love for historical places. Why? Because that is what the town prides itself on. Yes, I am telling you this little town loves to keep everything old and out of date on purpose for the effect and tourist attraction.

In all, the town is a beautiful and safe place to visit. It does offer a great amount of places to worship and the events that do go on, are really nice. I hope that even if you aren’t from here, you’ll take the time to travel through at least once and not forget to buy local.

Let us know what you think of these 12 signs you are from Independence, VA in the comments below!
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