12 Signs You Are From Highland Park

Did you grew up in Highland Park? If so, you may relate to these 12 signs you are from Highland Park. Or maybe you won't. But you probably will.

Did you grew up in Highland Park? If so, you may relate to these 12 signs you are from Highland Park. Or maybe you won’t. But you probably will.

1. You laugh when people think Chipotle is “authentic Mexican food.”

Ummmmm, have you had El Huarache Azteca? La Fuente? Chico’s? We have been #BLESSED by the abundance of Mexican restaurants in our neighborhood.

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2. Fashion 21 > Forever 21

Okay, while they are literally the same thing, Fashion 21 is the OG Forever 21. It’s smaller but just as trendy, and gives me less shopping anxiety.

12 signs you are from Highland Park.3. Your mom bought your school uniforms from Fallas Paredes.

You hated them, but it sure beat getting caught and having to wear “loaner” clothes for he rest of the school day. Besides, where else could you have bought a crisp white polo for only $3?!?!

4. Played some 3 on 3 basketball at the Rec center.

All basketball legends start somewhere, amirite?

5. You remember the Swap Mall before it became an overpriced bowling alley.

Ah the good ol’ days when you could buy cheap socks, toys, jewelry, home appliances, ALMOST ANYTHING, all from the same place!

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6. 6 bucks is all you need to see a movie!

Yes, you read that correctly. ONLY SIX DOLLARS to see the latest blockbuster!!!

7. You’ve come to admire Chicken Boy.

A 22 foot tall statue of a man’s body with the head of a chicken? ICONIC.

12 signs you are from Highland Park.8. You’ve climbed up and ran down the steepest hill in Los Angeles.

33% grade? No problem! *falls*

9. No more frozen or take-out pizza ‘cause you know Fidel’s is the best.

There’s a reason why it’s been in business for over four decades!

12 signs you are from Highland Park.10. Played games on the computers at the Arroyo Seco Library.

Occasionally you’d check out a book, but you were mostly there for the computers. And if you were like me, some of your first ever interactions with a computer were at this library!

11. You’ve bought some interesting flavored sodas at Galco’s Soda Pop Stop.

From funky flavors like serrano pepper and lavender to classics like root beer and orange cream, Galco’s got it all! And it’s open 7 days a week!

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12. Had a torta and juice from Jugos Azteca.

Overpriced green juice? I don’t know her.

Let us know what you think of these signs you are from Highland Park in the comments below!
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